Repairs to the A14/A10 roundabout

As reported at the recent Milton Annual Parish Meeting, the condition of roads has deteriorated significantly during the very dry and very cold weather experienced during 2022. Cambridgeshire, along with other County Councils is seeking support from central government towards the repairs, the cost of which is far beyond many council budgets.

Repairs to the A10/A14 roundabout have been programmed for October-December 2023.

The works will be done overnight and in three phases: south half, north half and the A10 as far as the P&R site.

Of course, we are pleased to see that some temporary repairs have been made but we will continue to lobby for the work to be done earlier.

New Bus Shelter artwork unveiled.

Picture of the artwork and artists

Many of you will now have seen the colourful artwork which was the result of the Children’s Art Competition for the bus shelter at the junction of Humphries Way and Landbeach Road.

The competition was for entries on the theme of ‘a Queens Jubilee memory’. There were three winners who were all from the village who are, Matilda Booth, Eva May-Beck and Oliva Cutts. Congratulations to the winners who each received a prize.

This artwork is funded from the Arts Grant arising from the new housing developments in Milton. Residents will be pleased to hear that no Council Tax funds were used to finance this project.

South Cambs Residents FAQ

Information as provided by South Cambs District Council is in the page below and also available as a downloadable pdf file –

Links to Sections:-
Bin Collections
Fallen Trees or Branches
Bus Services
Housing Fraud
Noise Nuisance
Planning compliance
Public Rights of Way
Street Lighting
Street Sweeping
Ukraine guests and hosts

Bin Collections

Find out which day your bin is collected, report a missed bin collection, request a new bin, find out what you can recycle and more in the District Council’s bins and recycling pages.

Branches or foliage obstructing paths or roads

You can report overhanging trees or foliage online to the County Council Highways Reporting Tool. Faults reported in this way will be assessed within 10 working days by the County Council.

Bus Services

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority is responsible for bus services information as it is the local transport authority. Further information is also available on the real time bus information pages of the County Council website, where there is also on how to download the My Bus Trip app.


Find out who is responsible for which services by visiting the District Council’s flooding web page. The District Council does not provide a sandbag service to residents. Generally, it is the responsibility of residents to protect their own properties from flooding. The District Council does have a limited supply of sandbags that can be delivered to domestic properties that are at imminent risk of flooding only. This is aimed at the most vulnerable residents and only intended for people who have no friends, family or neighbours who can assist them fast enough or in advance. 

  • Flooding from a sewer: This is likely the responsibility of Anglian Water. You can report an issue to them online or call them on 0345 791 9155
  • Blocked drain on the road or pavement: This is likely the responsibility of Cambridgeshire County Council. You can report an issue to them online
  • Flooded property or garden: You can report external flooding to gardens or paths, or report that you have already experienced flooding within the living space of your home, to Cambridgeshire County Council. It may be possible to investigate the cause of flooding or offer advice. However, remember that it is the home-owner’s responsibility to protect their own properties from flooding
  • Flooding at a South Cambridgeshire District Council property: The District Council’s Housing Services team will fix any serious drainage problem. Call our free repairs hotline on 0800 085 1313 to report an emergency repair.

Housing Fraud

Housing fraud occurs when a person applies for a Council house and submits an application with false or misleading information. This would be to gain a tenancy they wouldn’t have otherwise been given or to gain the tenancy ahead of those in more urgent need. Housing fraud exists in a number of ways and can be a crime. If you have information then complete the online form, email the District Council on or call 01954 713 000.


Litter and dog waste bins are emptied according to the street care team schedule for each area in the district. Please contact the District Council if you would like to report an overflowing bin, or request a new litter or dog waste bin, on or call 01954 713 000.

Follow the link to report environmental crimes such as fly tipping, dumped cars, dog fouling, graffiti or other littering crimes to the District Council.

If you, your parish council, school or local community group would like to organise a voluntary litter-picking event in your area, the District Council can support you by lending litter grabbers and gloves (and so can some parish councils).

Noise Nuisance

Section 79(1) of the Environmental Protection Act requires the local authority to take such steps as are reasonably practicable to investigate complaints that relate to:

  • Noise from premises (both domestic and commercial)
  • Noise from vehicles or equipment in a street (for example, car alarms but not traffic noise)
  • Noise from amplified music in the street (for example, car stereos)
  • Noise from machinery or equipment in the street
  • Noise from bird scarers (if only advice is required then refer to the National Farmers Union Code of Practice [PDF])

You can report noise nuisance to the District Council.

Planning compliance

Our planning service is managed by the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning team. This is a shared service for us and Cambridge City Council. Our planning website content is primarily hosted on the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning website. There, you can find information on looking up and commenting on planning applications, planning guidance and how to deal with breaches of planning control.


You can report highways faults in Cambridgeshire including potholes, by using the online County Council Highways Reporting Tool. Faults reported in this way will be assessed by the County Council within 10 working days.

Public Rights of Way

The County Council is responsible for public rights of way, village greens and commons or open access land. Find out more by looking at the County Council’s Definitive Map and Statement and Protecting and providing green spaces guidance.


To find out about reduction measures like speed humps visit the speed reduction schemes webpage of Cambridgeshire County Council. Community Speedwatch is a scheme set up for the public to let Police know about locations where they’re concerned about speeding. Cambridgeshire Police will assess the location to see if it’s a good and safe place for monitoring to happen. If so, trained members of the community will visit the location to record the details of offending vehicles. If you’d like to join a Community Speed Watch group near you, or want to know more, email or read the Police volunteer guidance and registration form.

Street Lighting

Cambridgeshire County Council, as the Highway Authority, is responsible for most streetlights, including illuminated signs and bollards.  

As a permitted lighting authority, the District Council has responsibility for a small number of lights (around 1,800), generally in residential areas in 84 villages within South Cambridgeshire. These streetlights are maintained in partnership with Parish Councils, where we have responsibility for maintaining the lights, whilst Parish Councils pay for electricity. In some instances, Parish Councils will also have their own streetlights.

All South Cambridgeshire District Council owned streetlights can be found on the map in the link and begin with the prefix ‘SC’. For streetlights belonging to the district council, urgent faults that pose an immediate risk of injury can be reported on:
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm: 01954 713000
Out of office hours (after 5pm) and weekends: 01354 654321

Where a streetlight does not begin with this ‘SC’ prefix please make a note of it and report it to Cambridgeshire County Council.

Street Sweeping

If you think that your village needs attention or want to check when the street sweepers will be in your area, then contact

Ukraine guests and hosts

If you would like to find out more about becoming a host under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, how to support guests or how to link up with groups where guests can socialise then visit our support for Ukraine webpage.

Parish Council Pump Restoration Art project

Statue of a woamn and child in front of the village pumo

After many years of standing hidden in the shrubbery, the last remaining village pump now sits proudly restored in Cambridge Road, Milton, complete with an information board and sculpture.

The forgotten and neglected pump was clearly deteriorating having lost its cap and with a  split in the main pipe. The work to rescue and restore the 1930’s water pump has been done by Mike Overall of Cottenham complete with a newly fabricated temporary cap whilst we continue our search for a suitable metal cast cap which will fit our pump and is close to its original design. Although the pump will no longer pump any water, the handle can still be operated by those who wish to experience what it would have been like to collect water by this method every day.

At the rear of the site is a large photograph of that section of Cambridge Road in the 1930’s with a brief history of the pump. This photo board was created by Milton Parish Council with the assistance of Milton resident Chris Thomas.

At the front of the site is a metal sculpture by artist Vanessa Morris of Morris Cast Signs Ltd, of a mother and child collecting water and depicts a typical scene from the era.

Parish Chairman, Hazel Smith said, “There are very few people alive now who remember drawing water from a pump, yet it was not really so very long ago. Those houses are still there and we hope the pump with its explanation board and the sculpture will be attractive and interesting to families for years to come”.

Paul Ellwood, lead member on the project said “The team involved in restoring a part of Milton’s heritage are very pleased with the outcome showing an important part of village life in the 1930s”.

This is another arts project undertaken by Milton Parish Council financed completely from an Arts based fund granted to the Council from a developer as part of their planning obligation. Residents will also be pleased to hear than no precept funds from the council tax were used for this project or any of the other arts projects being undertaken by MPC.

Landbeach Road Bus Stop Art

Photo of the art on the busstop at Landbeach Road

Another Parish Council Project Completed

Bright shiny new windows showing art from the Children’s Art Competition are now installed in the bus shelter in Landbeach Road at the junction of Humphries Way.

The competition was for entries on the theme of ‘a Queens Jubilee memory’.

Congratulations to the winners.

This artwork is funded from the Arts Grant arising from the new housing developments in Milton. No Council Tax funds were used to finance this project.

We need your help – tree planting

picture of a hand holding a sapling

Milton Parish Council have over 100 trees that need to be planted in The Paddock (opposite Footgolf, next to the allotments) to create a wood for the village.

We need volunteers on Saturday morning to help us plant these trees. If you can just spare an hour it would be a great help. If you think you can join us please contact the Clerk in the Parish Council office or simply turn up at 10.30am this Saturday 25th March. Make sure you have the right footwear and please bring your own spade.

North East Cambridge Forum

South Cambs District Council have asked us to share the following information

The next North East Cambridge Community Forum is taking place virtually on 22 March, from 6pm. The forums help those building the development, and those most affected by development, to have an open dialogue. Everyone is welcome to join this online event to hear about plans for the #NEC area and discuss these with planners and developers.


Poster for North East Cambridge Forum

20mph Speed Limit consultation

Milton Parish Council has voted twice to push for 20mph limits throughout the village. We now have the opportunity to request that County puts this in. We are asking for the 20mph to replace the 30mph signs at the edges of the village and a section of 30mph northwards to beyond the allotments on Ely Road.

If you would like to comment for or against this proposal please send your response to the Clerk –

Upload Completed

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