Milton Parish Councillors

If you would like to contact a member of the parish council with a query, problem, comment or idea.
Please email or phone 01223 861447 or 07853 170646

Alternatively the Web contact form on the contact us page can be used.

Milton Parish Councillors

Jane Coston (Chair) 01223 861447*
Anna Bradnam 01223 862364
Colin Duff    
Rob Farrington    
Adam Horne    
Tom Leavens    
David Owen    
Hazel Smith 01223 860752
Donald Wildman    

*- c/o Parish Office

District Councillors
Anna Bradnam
Vice-Chairman of Council
01223 862364
Hazel Smith
Housing Portfolio Holder
01223 860752
Judith Rippeth 07956 528223


County Councillors
Anna Bradnam 01223 862364


Parish Clerk
Sarah Corder 01223 861447