Milton Cemetery

The village cemetery is on Landbeach Road just beyond the bypass. The original cemetery was created by All Saints’ church in around 1900 when their churchyard started to run out of space.
In 1984 the parish council extended it to provide considerably more space and new interments now take place in this part of the cemetery. If, when you visit, the new burial ground looks rather different from how you are used to see it this is because Milton Parish Council is experimenting with a new way of management.

Wild flower meadow

The plan is to reserve the area to the left of the path for burials and interment of ashes; an area large enough to meet the needs of the village for many years to come. The area to the right of the path will be managed as a meadow where the wild grasses and flowers will be allowed to bloom and seed before mowing.

The period of future time available should allow the development of a diverse community of plants and the re-creation of a type of meadow rarely seen nowadays. It is also intended to complete the enclosure of the area with hedges similar to the one on the south side – mainly hawthorn mixed with other suitable species. This will be a protection from the coldest winds for people and plants alike.

Allowing the plants to grow for several weeks has revealed quite a variety of grasses and flowers already present. It is planned to increase this diversity by adding seeds of locally prevalent plants and to discourage some of the less desirable species. It will take 2-3 years to achieve the desired effect.

Allowing the meadow and hedges to flower, seed and fruit will encourage insects and birds to move into the area and create a sanctuary for many small creatures. The grass around the graves will be kept neat as at present to allow ease of access. It is hoped that the contrast of order and controlled wildness will create a setting of rural simplicity and human solicitude which will be attractive and consoling.

The cemetery currently costs the village £2,000 a year to maintain, not including one off charges such as tree surgery, maintenance to the fence and gate and the path the council recently had laid in the new part of the cemetery.


The cemetery is available for all Milton residents regardless of faith, culture or ethnic identity. Separate areas will not be set aside for people of different religions, cultures etc.


The following fees apply for interments in the cemetery for residents of Milton.

Purchase of exclusive rights of an adult                                    £250
Purchase of exclusive rights of a child up to 7 years                  No charge
Purchase of exclusive rights of a child from 8 years to 18 years  £100
Interment of ashes (£50.00) and tablet (£45.00)                       £95
Interment of ashes into existing plot                                         £40

Memorials for cremation plots must be no more than 18 inches square and positioned flush with the ground level to aid grass cutting.

Headstone not exceeding 90cms (height) x 60cms (width)              £110
Double headstone not exceeding 90cms (height) x 150cms (width)  £250
   Only allowed when 2 burials have taken place in adjacent graves
Headstone for a child up to 7 years                                                £15
   not exceeding 90cms (height) x 60cms (width)
Headstone for a child from 8 years to 18 years                               £55
   not exceeding 90cms (height) x 60cms (width)
Inscription on any monument added on a later occasion                  £30

Milton Cemetery is for Milton residents. Burials are allowed if a Milton connection can be established (to be determined at the discretion of the Parish Council).  

Purchase of exclusive rights of burial includes the fee for interment.


Shrubs Policy

Any separate container for flowers must be level with, or below, the surface of the ground so that it will not obstruct the passage of a mower.

Wreaths and cut flowers must be removed as soon as they appear to be withered or untidy. No trees and shrubs may be planted on or around a grave.

Existing shrubs to be kept within the boundaries of the grave and no higher than the headstone.


All plots are single depth only. All burials will be in earthen graves within a single plot. No other types of burial are allowed. It is not permitted to purchase 2 plots for just one interment.

The coffin or casket should be made mainly of wood or otherwise biodegradable.

All graves will be dug by Parish Council approved grave diggers.

Only headstones may be erected on grave spaces.

Anything placed and planted on any grave other than a headstone/tablet becomes the property of the Council and may be removed and disposed of at the Council’s discretion without the Council being liable to account for any proceeds of disposal.

No memorial shall be erected in the cemetery without the prior approval of the details by the Council. (This function to be delegated to the clerk). All applications should be made by a Council approved memorial mason and submitted to the Council together with a drawing showing dimensions, method of construction, proposed inscriptions, method of fixing and description of the type of materials to be used and shall be in accordance with the National Association of Memorial Masons specification for the construction and fixing of memorials.

Vehicles must keep to the hard track.

Double headstones no taller than 90cms and no wider than 150cms are only permitted when two burials have taken place in two adjacent graves. Until then a single headstone is permitted not exceeding 90cms (height) x 60cms (width).

Please note that the height for a headstone is the height from the ground and includes the concrete base (if this is above ground level) that the plinth and headstone is positioned on.

The Council will refuse permission for a memorial if it is not within these regulations or is deemed unsuitable.

The colour of headstones to be restricted to colours already being used.

No kerbs, covering slabs, edgings, railings, chains, wire mesh or other fencing will be allowed other than those on pre-existing graves.

No monument constructed of plastic, wood (unless a temporary marker), glass, metal tiles or any form of grave covering such as chippings or artificial turf will be allowed other than in pre-existing graves with kerbs in which chippings can be placed safely, securely and sympathetically to the existing environment. The Council reserves the right to remove any additions not agreed or maintained.

No decorations including lights are allowed.

As you enter the cemetery the right side of the cemetery will be a lawn design cemetery.

Reservations and Rights to Plots

Milton Parish Council will only reserve plots in the following instances:

  • When an interment is booked for one spouse/partner an adjacent plot can be offered to the other spouse/partner for reservation (at costs current at that time).
  • When an ashes interment is carried out a second adjacent plot can be booked (at costs current at that time).

No other pre-purchase or reservation is permitted.

Two copies of the cemetery policy will be supplied when permission for an interment is sought. Both copies must be signed by the person arranging the funeral, one copy to be retained by the funeral arranger for their record, and one copy to be returned to the Parish Council office.

Previous version: Adopted 18 December 2017

Reviewed by the Maintenance Committee on:  17 December 2018 
and adopted by Council on: 7 January 2019