The Rowans Safety Improvements proposal 2022

Milton Parish Council have proposed improvements to the southern section of The Rowans (Tesco end) which are designed to increase safety for all users.

  • Extension of the yellow lines on both the north and south sides of the road from the Cambridge Road junction to remove parked vehicles and improve sight lines for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Extending the pathway from the Cambridge Road junction to make crossing the road safer by moving the crossing point further away from the busy corner and adding dropped kerbs.
  • Adding additional yellow lines to the south side of the road to aid access for a specialist disability bus.
  • Adding an additional dropped kerb to aid access to the path leading to Tesco and The Sycamores.

All these improvements are needed to increase safety and are in response to recent suggestions from residents. We are now asking residents who are most likely to be affected by these changes for their comments. Therefore, if you have any views or suggestions to make on these plans, please would you do so by 30th November 2022 by sending your comments in writing, delivered by hand or email to Milton Parish Council office or calling the Parish Clerk.

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