Milton Parish Council Facebook Page

Milton Parish Council are pleased to announce the launch of our Facebook page. Here you will find all the latest stories and information about your village which may have been missed on other pages. We will bring you news from MPC meetings, decisions as to what is happening in the village and keep you up to date on any new developments. To be kept up to date with what is happening in the village please follow the page. 

New play equipment on Sycamores Recreation Ground

Milton Parish Council and Milton Community Centre have been working together to upgrade and refurbish the Sycamores play area. At last, we are pleased to announce that it is open for use. Since the grass around the roundabout still needs to grow a little more this piece will remain shut but will also be open just as soon as the grass grows. Amongst the new equipment is a new wide slide on the bank and refurbishment of some of the older equipment has also been carried out.
The whole project has taken rather longer than anticipated mainly because of supply issues and Covid restrictions. Also midway through the project it was felt the surface needed additional refurbishment and so extra work was required to lay protective grass mats and of course it had to be re-seeded as well.
The cost for this project was shared equally by Milton Parish Council and Milton Community Centre. This sort of thing does not come cheap these days with just over £30,000 being spent on the project. However, we hope that it will give enjoyment to the children of Milton for many years to come.
If you have any comments on this story or anything else please contact the Milton Parish Council office by email or phone.
Tel: 01223 861447
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Milton Covid-19 Support Group

The group was formed last year by representatives from the local Councils, the Village Church, Milton Online, local parents, Milton Surgery Patient participation group & Community Café formed the Milton Covid-19 Support Group to co-ordinate support for people in the village during the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Volunteers are available to help people who are ill and/or self-isolating in the village who may need support with:
– a friendly phone call
– grocery shopping
– picking up medications
– posting mail
– dog walking

If you are ill or self-isolating, and you need support at this time, please contact with your name, address, contact number and what you need help with, or telephone 07933 550 989. We will try to put in you in touch with a volunteer who can help you.

Traffic restrictions through Milton – 8th July to October 2021

We have been notified of upcoming traffic restrictions in Milton for the laying of a new gas main from Milton and onwards through Waterbeach.  

There should not be any full closures, but the work will involve one way traffic working with 2 or 3 phase lights and closure of the cycle lane.  Access for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians should be maintained throughout.  Active work on the trench and pipeline is expected to be during normal working hours Monday – Friday.

The trench is expected to be on the North bound carriageway so cyclist and pedestrians may be diverted onto the East side of the road at times.

We understand that the work will be done in four phases each approximately 6 weeks in duration beginning in July starting on Cambridge Road between Bene’t Close and the Northern end of The Rowans, from there to Butt Lane, then to the junction of High Street/Ely Road, and finally along Ely Road onto the A10. The work is expected to be on the North bound carriage way so cyclist and pedestrians may be diverted onto the East side of the road at times.   

The pipes are joined above ground before lowering into the trench.  Each phase will be reinstated on completion of the section.

Work is expected to start on 8th July from Bene’t Close.  We await confirmation of the subsequent phase dates.