Policies and Procedures

Aims of the Council
Aims of the Community Care Scheme
CCTV Code of Practice
Community Care – How to make a Complaint, Compliment or Donation
Community Engagement Strategy
Complaints Procedure
Dignity at Work Policy
Disability Access
Disability Discrimination
Disciplinary Procedure
Employees Code of Conduct
Equal Opportunities Policy
Freedom of Information
Grant Application Form
Grant Awarding Policy
Grievance Procedure
Health and Safety Policy
Investment Policy
Recruitment Policy
Risk Management
Safeguarding policy and procedure for adults at risk
Standards and Code of Conduct for Parish Councillors Adopted 6 December 2021
Standing Orders
Unauthorised Encampment Policy
Use of Photographs
Financial Regulations

Cemetery Regulations 2021 V2 adopted 21 June 2021
Interment booking form
Memorial application form

Terms of Reference for Committees

Community Care
Finance and Administration