Green Spaces


The Parish Council maintain a number of green spaces around the Village including the play areas located at Froment Way, Humphries Way, and The Rowans.  The Council also maintains the exercise equipment at The Sycamores.

The larger recreation grounds and buildings at Coles Road, The Sycamores and North Lodge Park are managed on behalf of the Parish Council by the Milton Community Centre Charity.

The play area and surrounding grass area at North Lodge Park are the responsibility of the Residents Association.

Guidance for users, carers, parents and guardians on the Government guidance for use of the play areas is given on notices posted in each area including:

  • Maintain social distancing according to the government’s latest advice.
  • If the play area or exercise area is too busy then please wait or come back at another time.
  • Sanitise your hands before, during, and after using the play area especially after touching the equipment and access gates. Please wipe down exercise equipment after use.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly when you get home.
  • No food or drink should be taken into the play areas.
  • Please put litter in the bins provided.

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