Milton Landfill

Milton Landfill

Milton Landfill is situated approximately 1km west of the village of Milton and 3km north of the centre of Cambridge. The landfill comprises an L –shaped plot of land approximately 48.5 hectares in area which is divided up into three phases of development phases I and II are now fully restored phase III is three quarters   restored –cell 19B was capped last year, cell 21B is currently operational and cell 21A is under construction.

Developed within a number of disused clay pits excavated during the 1970’s, the site has received waste since the 1980’s. Phase III however has been developed within arable land.  The site is located on Cretaceous Gault Clay, which is overlain by river gravel terrace deposits.  Geological data suggests that locally, the thickness of the Gault Clay ranges from 10.2m-18.7m and is underlain by cretaceous lower greensand.
Both hazardous and non-hazardous waste where accepted at Milton up to 2004 and only non-hazardous thereafter.
FCC Environment (Waste Recycling Group as they were previously known) took over ownership of the site and land filling activities in 2004.

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