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There are two wheelchairs available for community use. One is in the Parish Council Office and the other is in Barnabas Court (see below).
Please call the Clerk’s Office on 861447 or Susan Palmer on 578632 for more information.

Community Warden Scheme

Milton Parish Council has an very well regarded Community Warden Scheme. Many older residents find this service invaluable.
There are currently twenty clients on the Community Warden Scheme. The fees for this scheme is currently Basic £6 single £9 couple per week or Enhanced £10 single £12 couple per week.

The purpose of the Community Warden Scheme is to help support elderly and/or infirm people in the village to enable them to remain in their own homes. The scheme aims to provide reassurance and security to the elderly and their relatives by ensuring that regular social contact is being made with them. Each member is contacted daily and receives at least one personal visit a week.

Our Community Care Warden is Tracey Ebbon (Tel 07518 026870).

If you would like to apply for a place on the Community Warden Scheme, please contact the Clerk’s Office on 861447 or e-mail:

Sheltered Housing

Located at Barnabas Court. Tel 01223 578632. For people over 55 years of age who must demonstrate a Milton connection. Offers more security – 24hr on-call cover for emergencies. For more information, contact Susan Palmer on the number above.

Run by Cambridge Housing Society (link for further information – CHS Group). This is a Choice Based Lettings scheme, which means that anyone who wishes to bid for a place at Barnabas Court must add their name to Home-Link’s list. You can register here.

Please note that you will not be able to bid for a place at Barnabas Court unless your name is on this list!

We also recommend that you give your name and telephone number or e-mail address to the Clerk’s Office so that we can notify you when there is an opening at Barnabas Court.

Lifeline Units

South Cambridgeshire District Council Community Lifeline Service

The Community Lifeline Service provided by South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) gives a pendant alarm in your home which when pressed contacts a response centre so that help can be raised.
Help is available at the press of a button, whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Response centre operators are trained to assess your situation and can arrange for a keyholder contact or next of kin to call or the emergency services to attend.
A community lifeline is a valuable source of help for people of any age, whether you have a disability, are an older person enabling you to stay in your own home, people living alone or anyone who has a special need. A community lifeline is available to anyone living in or near South Cambridgeshire.

Installing the alarm

A Lifeline can easily be connected to a telephone socket and a nearby electric socket. Installation can be arranged within a few days of us receiving your application.

Key Safes

If you do not have a keyholder who lives within a reasonable distance from your home, you may be required to have a key safe fitted. You can arrange to fit your own keysafe or SCDC can arrange to have one fitted for you. There is usually an additional cost for this. A key safe is a small wall-mounted key-storage system that can hold a key. It has a combination lock which can be set with your own chosen code. This will allow any person responding in an emergency situation to gain access.


There is a charge for installation, and also a quarterly charge for the hire and monitoring of equipment.  Current costs are listed on the South Cambs web site (see contact details below for further information.

Additional Support

SCDC can refer you to the Assistive Technology Team if you require any additional assistive equipment including fall detectors, sensor monitors etc at no extra charge.

Contact SCDC

For further information contact SCDC at or 01954 713468. Alternatively complete the application form on the SCDC website and email it to SCDC.


The Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk also run a similar service. Their Careline Personal Alarm works exactly the same way and although we’re not in their district they do cover Milton.  Contact details and are on the Careline web page
Their installation charge is higher at £39.50 but their weekly rental is only £3.08.
Please call Careline on 01553 760671 or email  to arrange a visit, demonstration or installation.

Village Benefits Advice Service

Tel. 01353 666990
Address: PO Box 257, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 9EA

Helps people living in rural areas of Cambridgeshire to claim their share of social security benefits, by offering confidential advice and assistance. Support in filling in claim forms, writing to the Department of Work and Pensions and helping with appeals.
Home visits available.

AskSARA website for information about equipment and support available

click here to go to the website.
The AskSARA website gives access to advice and information about the equipment and support available locally to help residents remain independent and in their own homes. In addition to equipment for the home and garden, a wide range of topics are covered from managing medication and eating healthily to equipment to aid hearing, personal care and household chores.

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