Milton Roundabout resurfacing phases

We have received the following additional information from County Highways.

“The pdf below shows the areas closed (in red) during each phase for clarity.

Phase 1- Southern interchange Closure

23/10/2023 – 04/11/2023 – Monday to Friday 2100 – 0500 (ending Saturday morning @ 0500)

The Southern half of the roundabout will be closed here so residents of Milton can use all village entrances but will need to go via the A14 to J32 or J34 instead of over the J33 interchange when travelling to and from Cambridge.

Phase 2- Northern interchange Closure

06/11/2023 – 25/11/2023 – Monday to Friday 2100 – 0500 (ending Saturday morning @ 0500) (Excluding clashing shift on Friday 17/11/2023)

During this phase there will be times where the southern entrance to Milton will be closed along with any access to the interchange when travelling southbound from the A10. We advise all drivers to go via Histon and Impington for this stage via Butt Lane.

Phase 3- A10 Closure

27/11-8/12 – Monday to Friday 2100 – 0500 (ending Saturday morning @ 0500) During this stage we are closing the A10 from the interchange to Butt Lane. During this stage all entrances to Milton will be open as normal. Traffic will be able to use the J33 interchange as normal.

Please note that whilst we will do our best to stick to the dates above, we may have to change them based on delays due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

Notice of upcoming works – Milton

We have been asked By Cambridgeshire County Council to share the following notices:-

“Carriageway maintenance works are due to take place on the A10 Milton and the A14 J33 Gyratory, between Arbury Road and Kings Hedges Drive. The works will take place between the 23/10 – 8/12, Monday – Friday, Overnight between the hours of 21:00 and 05:00.

The works mentioned above will be carried out under a full road closure. Due to the nature of the works through route access will be allowed unless agreed prior.”

Your invitation to view Milton’s historic Repton Gate

Do you want to see the original Repton Gate? Our famous Repton Gate, designed by Humphry Repton, which stood at the entrance to the Rectory from the late 1780’s until the late 1980’s has been carefully restored and is now displayed in the Pavilion at North Lodge.

We invite all residents to view the installation when we open the doors of the Pavilion on Tuesday 10th October from 6.30pm to 8.00pm. There you will be able to view the gate and hear our local history group give a short presentation on the history of the gate and of Repton himself.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this important Milton artifact.

Welcome to Milton!

Photo of village gateway sign

The project to install new signs began in January 2022 when the Parish Council approached local resident Chris Thomas who volunteered a possible concept for the gateway design which included seven elements to represent the village.

The suggested focus was emphasis on the people and community of Milton and its visitors. The aim was for a modern clean look – loosely based on Art Deco style. The proposal was then interpreted by Vanessa Morris, the artist at Morris Cast signs, keeping very close to the original designs.

The three main elements which immediately catch the eye are:

  1. Female Milton footballer (representing village sport, diversity, equality). Milton has a number of successful football teams.
  2. Male Milton cyclist with children (representing family, transport, environment).
  3. All Saints Milton. The oldest building in the village – in continuous use by the community since the beginning of the 12th Century.

    The four minor elements that are revealed when taking a closer look are:

    1. Bowls players on the green (representing the many village sports and other activities for residents of all ages)
    2. Lake, trees, and path (Country Park, recreation, community facilities).
    3. Baits Bite Lock & River (recreation and transport).
    4. Jane Coston Bridge (modern construction, linking communities – Milton to Cambridge).

    We appreciate this is an idealised representation of Milton, a mainly residential village, but one that aims to reflect us and our community at this moment in the 21st century.

    All those involved in creating these signs have contributed their time and effort freely without expecting or receiving any payment. They were manufactured by Morris Cast Signs with all costs being paid for as a developer funded arts project. No monies from local rates and taxes of residents were used for this project.

    Inconsiderate Parking in Milton

    The Parish Council have received complaints and comments about the increase in inconsiderate parking (parking on footpaths, parking too close to junctions and on bends)

    Some of the areas in question are: Old School Lane, Willow Crescent (in front of Red Balloon and the junction), The Elms, The Rowans and Woodman Way

    In particular, parking on the footpaths causes an obstruction to pushchair, wheelchair and mobility scooters users as they cannot pass safely on the path and therefore have to pass on the road – please park on the road and be considerate to other users.

    Inconsiderate parking poster

    Advice from SCDC for the refuse collection changover

    Information from SCDC on the waste collections during the September schedule changes

    We have received the following advice  from SCDC :

    “There will be a few villages / parishes that have a slightly longer wait for the collection of one waste stream but then have an earlier collection than the usual 2-week cycle for other waste streams. This is temporary and will only happen for the first 2-week cycle after the new collection arrangements go live, following which the routine collections for all bins will then be the usual 2-week cycle.

    We have had to do this to be able to optimise the existing arrangements – if we tried to introduce constraints of maintaining existing collection days etc, then we wouldn’t have been able to readily optimise the existing arrangements.

    In the case of Milton:

    There will be an additional 6 days wait for recycling collections on top of the usual fortnight (14+6= 20 days), whilst for refuse collections there will be -8 days relative to the usual fortnight (14-8= 6 days). 

      1. For those that have two black bin collections in a row and are concerned with the build-up of recycling and green bin waste:
        Please follow our side waste policy. We can collect one transparent sack of mixed recycling (excluding glass) and one bundle of cardboard left next to your blue bin on collection day. Please read our guidelines on how to set these out correctly. You can take separated materials (cans, paper, glass etc), and garden waste to the large Household Recycling Centres near Milton or Thriplow. We also recommend home composting if you have a lot of garden waste.

        If you are uncomfortable leaving food waste in your bin for longer than 2 weeks, please alternate using your black bin and green bin for disposal of food during this time.

      2. For those that have two blue/green bin collections in a row and are concerned with the build-up of black bin waste:
        Please ensure that you place all items suitable for recycling in your blue bin, to optimise the capacity of the black bin. Excess black bin waste can be taken to the large Household Recycling Centres near Milton or Thriplow.In exceptional cases where waste is offensive, we may offer a special collection (nappies etc.) We will consider these on a case-by-case basis.
      3. All Waste streams:
      • For the first few weeks of the trial, extra vehicles will be out to support crews on collection days to ensure round completion for areas that will have a build-up of waste.
      • We have reviewed the list of flats where residents will have to wait longer than two weeks and are putting in place additional collections for those prior to launching the new routes.” 

    A vandal with taste but little respect…

    Someone loved the artwork in our bus stop on Landbeach Road/Humphries Way so much they decided to steal it! However, they have failed to respect how upsetting this is for the young child artist who has had their prized picture stolen.

    We would ask for it back but whoever stole it broke the corner off, so it is useless now to them and us. If anyone knows the person or persons involved in this crime, please let us know. We would like to bill them for the picture and the damage they have caused to our bus stop and to ask them to apologise to our young artist for the distress this has caused.

    We know the artwork in all our bus stops is very good and obviously others think the same way. However, if you are the person who did this and want copies of any picture, rather than vandalise our bus stops, we can put you in touch with our artists who we feel sure would be delighted to help you.

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