Parish Council Pump Restoration Art project

Statue of a woamn and child in front of the village pumo

After many years of standing hidden in the shrubbery, the last remaining village pump now sits proudly restored in Cambridge Road, Milton, complete with an information board and sculpture.

The forgotten and neglected pump was clearly deteriorating having lost its cap and with a  split in the main pipe. The work to rescue and restore the 1930’s water pump has been done by Mike Overall of Cottenham complete with a newly fabricated temporary cap whilst we continue our search for a suitable metal cast cap which will fit our pump and is close to its original design. Although the pump will no longer pump any water, the handle can still be operated by those who wish to experience what it would have been like to collect water by this method every day.

At the rear of the site is a large photograph of that section of Cambridge Road in the 1930’s with a brief history of the pump. This photo board was created by Milton Parish Council with the assistance of Milton resident Chris Thomas.

At the front of the site is a metal sculpture by artist Vanessa Morris of Morris Cast Signs Ltd, of a mother and child collecting water and depicts a typical scene from the era.

Parish Chairman, Hazel Smith said, “There are very few people alive now who remember drawing water from a pump, yet it was not really so very long ago. Those houses are still there and we hope the pump with its explanation board and the sculpture will be attractive and interesting to families for years to come”.

Paul Ellwood, lead member on the project said “The team involved in restoring a part of Milton’s heritage are very pleased with the outcome showing an important part of village life in the 1930s”.

This is another arts project undertaken by Milton Parish Council financed completely from an Arts based fund granted to the Council from a developer as part of their planning obligation. Residents will also be pleased to hear than no precept funds from the council tax were used for this project or any of the other arts projects being undertaken by MPC.

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