‘Love Your Burial Ground Week’

A picture of a rose on top of a headstone

This week is ‘Love Your Burial Ground Week’. During the week, those who visit the Milton cemetery on Landbeach Road will see the start of several improvements and additions we are making.

To show our commitment to protecting the environment it is our intention to apply for a Cambridgeshire Churchyard Conservation Award. This means us maintaining parts of the Cemetery to encourage plants and habitats to flourish. This week you will see bird boxes, insect hotels and hedgehog houses being installed around the Cemetery. This is in addition to the areas we currently maintain for Summer and Spring flowering which will be marked with information signs.

Additional benches are being installed this month including a specially commissioned ‘arts’ bench. This will be placed in an area of the Cemetery where visitors will be able to have a quiet moment for reflection. A Cemetery notice board is also being installed soon where you will be able to learn what is happening in the Cemetery and how our conservation efforts are developing.

As you can see, we are undertaking a range of improvements during ‘Love Your Burial Ground Week’ with the aim to make the Cemetery a nicer place to visit and acting responsibly by working to conserve the area for wildlife.”

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