A vandal with taste but little respect…

Picture of damaged bus shelter

Someone loved the artwork in our bus stop on Landbeach Road/Humphries Way so much they decided to steal it! However, they have failed to respect how upsetting this is for the young child artist who has had their prized picture stolen.

We would ask for it back but whoever stole it broke the corner off, so it is useless now to them and us. If anyone knows the person or persons involved in this crime, please let us know. We would like to bill them for the picture and the damage they have caused to our bus stop and to ask them to apologise to our young artist for the distress this has caused.

We know the artwork in all our bus stops is very good and obviously others think the same way. However, if you are the person who did this and want copies of any picture, rather than vandalise our bus stops, we can put you in touch with our artists who we feel sure would be delighted to help you.

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