Old Paddock Tree Planting Plans

In 2019 Milton Parish Council (MPC) had been successful in applying for two tree packs from the Woodland Trust to transform the old paddock into a new woodland area, these have been delivered ahead of schedule.  
Tree planting is an important part of action on climate change and helps to protect and enhance Milton’s natural resources and rural character. Not only can trees make us feel more connected with our world, they are essential to the survival of our planet. They help to balance our carbon footprint, provide a habitat for pollinating insects and other wildlife, and support greater biodiversity.
MPC would like to invite residents and families of Milton to assist with the planting. To ensure compliance with COVID restrictions this would be conducted in pre-booked time slots which can been organised via the Parish  Clerk.
Tel: 01223 861447
Current intention would be to conduct the tree planting 14th – 15th November.

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