Minutes of the Youth Committee Meeting
       held on Tuesday 22nd April 2003 at 7.30pm at Milton Community Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair)   EH Baker   L Henderson   KDarcy (LC Twinn later) 
       1   Apologies for absence   DJ Lee   K Finney   PC Shulver

176/03 2   Minutes - the minutes of the meeting of 27 January 2003 were
           approved subject to the following alteration: 62/03 Margaret 'Ward' 

           Notice Board   - LH has the (one) key. 
           Skate Park lighting - MCC now plan to replace the lights in the

177/03 3   Report on Youth Workers' Meeting 
           KD reported on the meeting held last week (minutes available). 
           Youth Workers felt some simple rules would be useful. Members
           sign a declaration to respect workers and the building and
           this should be put up on the wall. HMS agreed to produce A3      HMS
           poster. Anita has some rules the Club Council produced: these   Anita
           need to be refined and agreed by members and put up on display.
           Summer - focus on activities for other groups, junior events,
           girls. Age gap problem with club so possibly separate events
           into age bands. Splitting club came up again: concern that
           there are few junior members. Youth workers to meet again to
           Would like more volunteers (2 outside and 2 inside is ideal).
           Multipurpose court - youth workers would like it fenced.
           Tables - higher tables and chairs would be nice for              HMS
           activities. HMS to purchase chairs.
           Motorbikes and mopeds - more coming because of older members.
           concerns over liability for members riding without helmets.
           Suggested speed limit sign.
           Youth Council - members on other nights would like to see
           minutes etc so be able to feed in. 
           Youth Workers asked what is happening about new building. HMS    HMS
           will email a progress report.

178/03 4   Plans for next term's Youth Club sessions
           The rough programme suggested by KD covers citizenship, etc. 
           We should try to get younger (Y6-7) children to come: KD to      KDF
           contact Y6 at Milton School. A programme of structured
           sessions would help (see also EHB's suggestions on the
           Strategy paper).
           Consult with Club Council about having sessions aimed at        Anita
           different age groups (Y7-9 or 10, and Y9 up) from September,
           as the majority of attenders are now 15-17.
           Club leaders should start organising more competitive sport:     YW
           football games, unihock, basketball etc.
           Kate to ask leaders to try out some of the ideas to see how it   YW
           goes down before the summer.

179/03 5   Detached Youth Work
           Detached youth work team intend to go on trip to Peterborough
           Skate Park on Thurs 24th April, and do car wash later to raise
           funds. They would like us to invite youth to next MYCMG.
           Performance on Tuesday 6th May at the Arts Theatre of drama
           written and performed following detached work contacts. Parish
           Councillors are invited. 

180/03 6   Strategy & Development (EHB)
           Agreed to discuss the ideas of Membership cards with members
           next term. EHB to call on other members to help where            EHB
           necessary and hope to incorporate the ideas for sessions with
           broader appeal in the forthcoming youth work, both term time
           and holidays.

181/03 7   IT Document from Paul
           KD to send EHB a copy of the IVC user agreement. EHB to draft    KD
           user agreement for the club.                                     EHB

182/03 8   Next Meeting propose Friday 23rd May for MYCMG meeting with a
           Youth Committee to follow. Proposal to July PC meeting for
           Summer Scheme costings.

The meeting ended at 9.30pm.