Minutes of the Youth Committee Meeting
       held on Wednesday 18 December 02 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair)   PK Oldham   L Henderson   LC Twinn
           K D'Arcy (IVC)
           I Bell   J Hutchinson   A Macpherson   A Porter   S Ross   J Wickens
           (youth workers)
           the clerk (item 1-4)
       1   Apologies for absence    DJ Lee     PC Shulver

522/02 2   Minutes - the minutes of the meeting of 12 June 02 and of the
           meeting of MYCMG of 31 July 02  were approved and signed as a
           true record.
(293/02)   New Volunteers - Joe Wickens worked on Mondays and Sharon Tipple
           alternate Tuesdays.
           Notice Board - installed. KD will put up some notices.
           Graffiti Workshop to paint up the club rules - did not take place.
           Possibility for Summer Term (cost about £400).
(332/02)   (Note: minutes of 14 December 01 had now been signed)
           Margaret Ward, an experienced youth work tutor has offered to visit
           Milton clubs and give advice on any general improvements in Youth
           Provision in the village as a whole, next term.
           Cash Box - LH to buy.
           Skate Park - more fund raising still needed.   
           Food Hygiene Course - CRC run a course.  JH to investigate.
           Table Football - a table football had been purchased and returned
           as it was not robust enough. Cost of a strong table football would
           be about £350.
           Computer Software - KD to investigate software for filtering out
           undesirable internet material.

523/02 3   Budget
           Proposed budget for 2003/04:
           Maintenance of building £1,200
           Summer programme          £800 
           Youth workers           £4,000 (including an extra evening per week)
           IVC extra sessions      £1,200
           IVC (admin/DofE)          £500

           AGREED to ask for a budget of £7,700
524/02 4   Duke of Edinburgh Scheme
           25 youngsters took the bronze award last year and 6 were taking the
           silver during the present year. 
           There were no new youngsters taking the bronze this year.
           Volunteer helpers needed.  
           KD to consider encouraging a group to start in Milton.
           18 of the 25 at IVC were continuing to take the bronze award.

525/02 5   New Youth Work Curriculum
           New curriculum not yet published.

526/02 6   Detached Youth Work
           Alan Johnson resigned mid October. The new worker, Kenny, will be
           starting on 10th January.  
           KD is working with the Arts Theatre offering young people of Milton
           the opportunity to act and write a play about life in Milton. As
           part of this the youngsters have been invited to the Arts pantomime
           on 19 December.
           SCYPP - no progress to report at County level.
           Youth Parliament - elections are to be held in February, for 3 MPs
           to represent Cambridgeshire. Nominations are being received now.
           IVC will be one of the 6 Polling Stations in the county.
           Experience shows we might need some extra detached workers for a
           few weeks when the skate park opens (likely early in New Year).
           Action HS/LH.

527/02 7   Projected Developments
           Small, sometimes single sex groups are needed to discuss issues -
           quiet room needed. Agreed to produce a programme and advertise
           when the kitchen would be used for this. Tuck could be sold
           Local Police officer to talk about the cannabis law. Action KD
           A new pin board needed in the main room to stimulate discussion
           on particular topics related to the Curriculum. Action LH/HS
           Self defence classes to be arranged. Action KD/AP
           Youth Council 6-8 year 7 to year 10 attended regularly. At IVC,
           time spent participating in Youth Council is accredited through
           the Active Citizenship in Schools Award.
           Sponsored Events - Car wash again? Some girls at the club do Beauty
           Therapy courses at CRC, and we could have a day of hair braiding/
           manicures etc to raise money.
           A new email circulation list for the youth workers at Milton is to
           be set up (youthcom[AT]miltonvillage.org.uk). Ideas for sessions
           next term could be worked up by email, with a meeting for 1 hour
           at start of term for youth workers and Kate to firm up a programme.
           Themes would carry on through the week over several sessions.

528/02 7   Recent bad behaviour at the club
           Manor YC was recently closed and many of the youngsters attended
           Milton YC during that time. Liaison with the city needed. Action HS
           Excluding members - KD asked to be involved in any such measures.
           Disciplinary policy was discussed. 

529/02 8   Any other business
           When under pressure, it should be easy for youth workers to
           interrupt the internet connection, in order to use the phone.
           Linda to ask Eddie about wiring to solve this.
           PO advised that we should try to get an ADSL connection for the
           new building via BT to allow for many computers to access the
The meeting ended at 10.00pm, with sherry, juice and mince pies.