Minutes of the Meeting of the Youth Committee
       held on Wed 12th June 2002 at 7.30pm in the Youth Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair), Linda Henderson, E Baker, LC Twinn,
           Alan Johnson (Detached Youth Worker, Community Education),
           D Lee (part of 4. onwards)

Min 293/02

       1   Election of Chairman HM Smith, proposed LH, seconded LCT,  carried 

       2   Apologies for absence Pc Shulver, Kate D'Arcy

       3   Minutes 
           The minutes of the meeting of 8th March were approved and signed as a true
           Matters Arising: Kids R Us have not yet opened the Over 10s club, will let
           us know by 1st July whether they will be able to open it for the summer
           holidays, in the Youth Centre.
           LH is in discussion with a possible volunteer for Monday nights.

       4   Detached Youth Work Report
           Alan reported on his and Kate's meetings over 6 weeks with different
           groups of young people in various settings.
           The cash machine and cars were an attraction to young people meeting in
           Tesco's corridor. In the corridor there was lots of rubbish, smells in
           the corners, it never seemed to get power-washed, trolleys were left
           there (and around the village) and lighting broken. A patrol by the
           security guard would help. Anecdotally, young people were still buying
           alcohol under-age on occasions at Tesco.
           Perhaps the Clerk should write, or the Chairman could meet with the Tesco
           manager to discuss these issues and notice board (see below).

           Alan and Kate had been to play areas, but had not found many people
           using them at that time of evening, except for the steps and slide on
           the bund as a BMX course. They had not seen any broken glass.

           Isolated comment from a 14 year-old girl: "My mum drops me off to go to
           the Youth Club but I can't go there because they call me a slapper and
           hit my friend with a stick."

           The young people didn't feel they were consulted about what was provided
           in the village (these are ones who don't attend youth clubs). Maybe a
           notice board in Tesco's passage or at the front of the store would help
           them to know about Youth issues. Casual meetings could discuss the issues,
           and Kate and Alan could tell them about the decision-making processes in
           the village. We need to try to develop 2-way communication with these
           various groups somehow.

           Soon, funding for the Youth Service would probably be channelled through
           Connexions to Community Education: we should find out who the Youth Officer
           for this area is, and contact Colin Thomas about possible funding.

       5   Forward planning and finance for the Youth Clubs and Drop-in

           a. Ridley Hall student
              The student we had been hoping would work for us from September had
              pulled out. Hazel and Linda would follow up other possible students
              with Bob Mayo.
              AGREED To approve expenditure of up to £1800 in the coming year for
              a Ridley Hall student, in partnership with All Saints' Church, as set
              down in accompanying paper
              Passed unanimously

           b. Suggestions from Youth Club Council
              A further graffiti workshop was incorporated into the Summer Programme:
              members wanted to write the rules of the club in a graffiti-art style.
              A new sound system - Anita to find out what they wanted , and the
              justification for it.
              Barbecue - would probably happen on a club night this term.
              If a trip to the sound studio at Newton Cucumber would be popular,
              this could probably be arranged.

           c. Summer Programme
              We have £1000 in the Youth budget for this. Kate D'Arcy from IVC has
              put in a bid to SCDC for 2 hours each weekday throughout the Summer,
              and to the Arts Development Unit for £290 for the Graffiti Art part of
              this. She will organise the staffing. Recommend that Council agrees to
              support the work within our budget.

          6   Pavilion Extension Group
              Plans are being discussed with SCDC planners. Fundraising on hold until
              skate park is done. LH suggested applying for NOF funding.
              Use of an external consultant to evaluate Youth Provision in the village
              in advance of the lottery bid had been suggested. A report form the
              detached youth workers would help. Alan would ask whether Y Kuch or
              someone else in Comm Ed could do this for us at minimal cost as an
              evaluation exercise. Any other suggestions to Hazel, please.

          7   Skate Park
              CEN Community Challenge - £200, Car wash - £134-39, WREN - £4750 for
              concrete base.
              PC had previously indicated 3rd party funding for WREN would be
              considered (£1000 in budget for Capital Projects)
              Grant Applications in the name of MCC still being pursued:
               Garfield Weston Foundation  £5,000
               Foundation for Sport and the Arts £2,000
              Applications going in soon:
               South Cambs District Council (Jane Lampshire, Youth Sport Initiative) 
               Will fund up to 50% of total cost or £10,000. PC consultation form
               to complete.

          8   AOB
              Computers for the Youth Centre: Elizabeth is working on them. This might
              lead to a newsgroup for youth on the web site.
              Email addresses and mobile phone numbers could be taken on Youth Club
              membership forms to allow for easier contact with members.

              CAYC AGM, 27th June

              Play conference in March, 19th June

The meeting ended at 9.40pm.