Minutes of the Meeting of the Youth Committee
       held on Friday 8 March 2002 at 8.20pm in the Youth Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair), L Henderson, LC Twinn

Min 134/02

       1   Apologies for absence PC Shulver, Sue Lester

       2   Minutes

           The minutes of the meeting of 10 December 01 were approved and
           signed as a true record.
           5. SCYPP.  HMS, LH and LCT had attended the seminar on 25th Feb.
           Yvonne Kuch had agreed to arrange some detached youth work here
           after Easter. Kate D'Arcy would be asking her to help next
           Thursday also.

       3   Request for financial contribution for third youth worker on Monday

           Agreed to meet these costs until we could find a volunteer to work
           on Monday evenings. Sarah Ross had agreed fill this post for the
           time being.

       4   Pavilion extension

           - working party meeting date 15 March or after Easter. The following
             had expressed an interest at this planning stage: HMS, LH, LCT,
             Paul Seaman (structural engineer),Chris Palmer, Fraser Confrey,
             Doug Teeboon, Karen Finney, Andy Macpherson, Ray Scott, 
             Frank Solomon, Trevor Peck, Pauline Brindle

           - ideas for funders: HMS has a list. Need to get information about
             Community Fund.

           - Also Connexions, which may have money for capital projects for
             the Youth.

           - detailed design: PS will draw preliminary elevations, which we can
             discuss with SCDC planners. Working party can discuss details also.
             Will then need proper detailed plans for planning permission and
             building tenders.

           - Need to find an architect for the drawings. Andrew Curley was

           - plan of campaign:
             Pump-priming money may be needed to employ an architect before
             we can get to the point of presenting a scheme to large-scale
             donors (Lottery, SCDC, etc).
             Request to PC to authorise us to use some of the remaining
             capital money in the Youth Budget for the building (£2,700)
             for this if necessary.

       5   Skate Park

           Sue Lester would be at Youth Club on Monday 11th to encourage
           the young people to organise some fund-raising activities. Car
           cleaning and a sponsored event had been mentioned. To be 
           advertised in the Village View.

           Grant Applications had been sent in the name of MCC to the following:
             Garfield Weston Foundation £5,000
             Charles Hayward Foundation £5,000
             Earl Fitzwilliam Charitable Trust £1,500
             National Lottery Awards for All £5,000 (Golden Jubilee project)
             WREN £10,000

           Other possible funders:
            Foundation for Sport and the Arts £2,000
            South Cambs District Council (Jane Lampshire, Youth Sport
            Initiative) Will fund the 11% for WREN via a grant to PC, and
            we should apply for shortfall (up to 50% total).

       6   AOB

           1  LH, HMS and Ian Cowley had interviewed a prospective Ridley Hall
              Youth Work student, who may be available from September to ease
              our staffing problems. Another student is also interested.

           2  6 members of Histon & Impington Youth Committee had met with the
              youth committee at 7pm.

           3  Robert Harrison of the Young Carers Project at Centre33 will be
              hiring the Youth Centre on Saturdays from 11am-1pm fortnightly
              from 27th April.

           4  Karen Finney has received the grant to set up the teenagers
              Kids R Us after school club after Easter in the Youth Centre.

           5  MYCMG hope to meet on Wed 20th March. 8pm with as many youth
              workers present as possible to discuss recent issues at the
              Youth Clubs. Young people are discussing Youth Centre issues
              on Tuesday 12th March, and matters arising from that session
              would also be discussed.

The meeting ended at 9.20pm.