Minutes of the Youth Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 17 December 01 at 8.00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair)   EH Baker   L Henderson   LC Twinn
           the clerk

       1   Apologies for absence -  DJ Lee   RLE Waters   J Sandford
           PC Shulver

650/01 2   Co-option  -  EH Baker was co-opted on to the committee.

651/01 3   Minutes - of the meeting of 24 September 01 were approved and
           signed as a true record.
(487/01)   Youth Centre Long Term Plans  - HMS and LH would meet with the
           sports clubs to discuss.

652/01 4   Minutes - of the meeting of MYCMG of 14 December 01 were received.
           There had been good work during the term - the activities had been
           well received.
           It was hoped to arrange a 'motor cycle' session next term

653/01 5   SCYPP
           The presentation to Council on 3 December had been less than
           Yvonne Kuch chair of SCYPP and County Manager Detached Youth
           Initiatives was offering to provide detached youth workers. HMS
           would discuss with YK.
           3 members would attend the SCYPP seminar on 25 February at
           Cottenham VC.

654/01 6   Budget
           IVC had requested that Council (together with Histon, Impington and
           Girton) meet the costs of:
           - extra sessions from September 2002 to July 2003 - 10 weeks out of
             40 - £1255.29;
           - a quarter share of the year 11 lunch club at IVC - £110.20;
           - the Duke of Edinburgh Award/Admin - £545.42.

           AGREED to meet the actual costs of extra sessions from
           September 2002 to July 2003 (7 Mondays and 8 Thursdays in current
           year) and the Duke of Edinburg/Admin £545.42.

           Noted that Milton youngsters attended the lunch club. Committee felt,
           however, that Council should not pay for this as it was outside the
           parish. (Histon, Impington and Girton youngsters attend Milton Youth
           Centre - Milton Parish Council had not asked for a contribution from
           the other Parish Councils).

           AGREED to ask Finance Committee to raise £7700 for 2002/3.

           This figure is made up thus:
             - two evenings drop-in   £4000
             - Youth club extra sessions  £1200
             - Duke of Edinburgh     £500
             - Summer scheme   £1000
             - Maintenance of building  £1000

           (Note that though the aim is to provide two evenings per week
           drop-in there is one only at present).

The meeting ended at 9.30pm.