Minutes of the Youth Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 24 September 01 at 8.00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair)   JE Coston   L Henderson   DJ Lee   LC Twinn
           B Jefferson   the clerk

       1   Apologies for absence   RLE Waters   PC Shulver

484/01 2   Minutes - of the meeting of 11 June 01 were approved and signed as
           a true record.
(344/01)   Carpets and blinds had been fitted.
(348/01)   Mini ramp - SL had discussed this with the youngsters who were keen
           to proceed.

485/01 3   Minutes - of the meeting of MYCMG of 14 September 01 were received.
           AGREED to allow £50 per two (IVC) clubs per term for materials and
           extra money for a graffiti artist from the capital fund. (Reason
           for £50 per club - no admission fee being charged).

486/01 4   Issues raised at open meeting
           Gate/Barrier - Tara Edwards Community Safety Officer SCDC made two
           constructive suggestions about a gate and motorbike/moped courses.
           Committee were keen to follow these up.  The clerk to respond
           It was agreed that measures needed to be taken in the short term to
           show the residents that something tangible was being done to combat
           the problem of cars racing around The Sycamores car park. The
           following recommendation could achieve this aim:
           AGREED to recommend that a small area of The Sycamores car park be
           set aside for casual parking using a gate and bollards.

           CCTV - this was a longer term issue.  Committee were reminded that
           problems existed in all the play areas in the village.

           Security Patrols - not recommended.

           Outreach Worker - good idea if the staff could be found although it
           was felt that outreach workers were not needed at present. Noted
           that two more volunteer workers had offered their services.

           Police - the police force did not have the manpower. PC Shulver
           patrolled whenever he could. An article would be put in the Village
           View asking for special constables. It was noted however that
           specials patrolled only with full time officers and therefore
           were constrained by the 'manpower' problem.

           Site - other sites were discussed but The Sycamores still seemed
           the only option.

487/01 5   Milton Youth Centre
           Long term plans - JS was discussing with the football and cricket
           Business Plan Evaluation - an after school and holiday club for
           older children could be operating by February. A breakfast club
           was also a strong possibility. Storage would be needed for these
           HMS had not been able to find out whether the building was still
           needed for 'excluded children'.
           The building could possibly be used for support for 'young carers'
           if a need was found.
           Noted that there was still approximately £8000 in the youth budget
           (inc rollover from 2000/01).
           It was agreed that without the support of the Parish Council and
           the hard work of the Youth Committee the Milton youth clubs would
           not be so successful. Milton was also fortunate in having so many

           Lottery Application - the aim was to submit an application for
           funding towards a permanent building within 18 months.

488/01 6   Any other business
           HMS would advertise again for more youth workers.

The meeting ended at 9.45 pm.