Minutes of the Youth Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 11 June 01 at 8.00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair)   L Henderson   DJ Lee   S Lester   GM Richardson
           J Sandford   LC Twinn   The clerk

       1   Apologies for absence    JE Coston   RLE Waters   PC Shulver

341/01 2   Election of Chairman - HMS was elected chairman.

342/01 3   Election of Chairman of MYCMG - HMS was elected chairman.

343/01 4   Minutes - The minutes of the meeting of 26 March 01 were approved
           and signed as a true record.

           Matters arising
(192/01)   Building - the B&Q scheme proved to be of little benefit.
           Telephone Line - noted that the rental was £9.99 per month.
           Prince's Trust - SL had information about the Prince's Trust.

344/01 5   Milton Youth Centre
           a) Building -
              i)  Carpets - in response to a request from the MCC staff LH had
                  obtained a quotation of £150 for a carpet (fitting extra).
                  LH would investigate the full costs. There was no consensus,
                  however, that a carpet should be bought. It was agreed to
                  explore whether the floor could be sealed.
              ii) Blinds - there had been two break-ins recently - a microwave
                  and a kettle were stolen. In addition the football club had
                  reported vandalism.
                  JS would investigate a type of protection for the windows.
           b) Clubs - Paula Toates had left.  Patrick Scales had been
              appointed as Milton's senior youth worker on Scale Y5
              £12.57 per hour for 3 hours per session.
              The drop-in would now run from 7pm to 9.30pm.
           c) Staffing - HMS was advertising for more staff in the hope that
              the drop-in could be open for another evening each week.
           d) Planning for September -  AGREED to accept T Hough's proposals
              for Youth provision as detailed in his letter dated 8 June 01.
              This would entail a cost of £1050.97 for extra weeks in term
              time (already budgeted for) and an extra £423.78 towards a
              worker to develop opportunities for taking part in the Duke
              of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Histon, Impington, Girton and Milton
              would share the costs of this scheme equally.
              The clerk to confirm with T Hough.

345/01 6   Long Term Plans
           AGREED to convene a meeting with the football and cricket clubs
           with a view to setting up a working party to explore a permanent
           building and funding.
           J Batchelor from Linton would be invited as he had been involved
           in a successful bid for lottery funds.

346/01 7   Summer Holiday
           Bus Project - AGREED  not to take part in the  bus activities at
           a cost of £510.
           It was felt that it would be better value if Pat Scales could
           organise Summer activities.
           LH to speak to PS.

347/01 8   Local Partnerships
           A letter from C Thomas Community Education Manager Linton Village
           College was received and noted. J Batchelor, Chairman of Linton
           Action for Youth, was willing to talk to other groups about
           Linton's experiences.

348/01 9   Mini-ramp
           A written request for a mini-ramp was received. SL would talk to
           the youngsters.

349/01 10  Any other business - CAYC AGM set for Thursday 14 June.

The meeting ended at 9.30 pm.