Minutes of the Youth Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 26 March 2001 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   DJ Lee (chair)   HM Smith   L Henderson   GM Richardson   LC Twinn
           PC Shulver
           The clerk

       1   Apologies for absence  JE Coston   S Lester   J Sandford
           RJ Farrington   RLE Waters

191/01 2   Co-option - AGREED to co-opt LC Twinn on to the committee.

192/01 3   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 19 December and the YBSG of
           22 November were approved and signed as a true record.

           Matters arising - YBSG
(563/00)   Building - final work on the skirt and railings was due to be
           Labour for the work would be £206. The SCDC grant could then be
           HMS had an application form for a "B&Q" scheme. B&Q would provide
           the materials MPC the labour. It was suggested that a new roof
           could be put on through this scheme. JS to be asked to investigate.

(564/00)   Telephone Line - LH had negotiated a BT line at £14.99 per month,
           installation £46.50. This would give free internet access and no
           call charges between 6pm and 8am and at weekends.

(565/00)   Lettings - requests for letting of the building were being made,
           including an extra club for Kids-R-Us.

           Matters arising - Youth
(616/00)   Prince's Trust - nothing to report.
(618/00)   Meeting with A Williams - four committee members attended.
(620/00)   Insurance and Inventory - completed.

193/01 4   MYCMG
           The minutes of the MYCMG 24 January 01 were received.
           Most action points had been done except for notice board, letter
           rack, floor buffer and wall heater.

(69/01)   Other Matters
           - A volunteer had been recruited as a result of the Village View
           - The clerk would follow up police checks.
           - The EHO had conducted a thorough health and safety check of the
             building, including all play equipment.
           - Litter pick to take place on 7 April (min 70/01). Free swimming
             vouchers would be given to those taking part. Thanks to TH.

           Thanks to the Webb family of The Sycamores for the donation of
           a computer desk.

194/01 5   Milton Youth Centre
           a) Building update - reported above.

           b) Clubs - current situation
(67/01)       Membership Forms - there were concerns about the lack of
              membership forms as this was a Health and Safety issue. The
              system for the completion of forms for the Tuesday drop-in had
              worked satisfactorily.

              Areas of Responsibility - concerns about area that youth
              leaders/workers could reasonably expect to supervise were raised.
              There had been recent problems with Tesco and neighbouring
              residents. It was AGREED to send a letter to all parents
              explaining that the leaders could be held responsible for what
              happens in the building and immediate environs of the recreation
              ground only.
              Concerns about the level of behaviour beyond these boundaries
              would also be expressed. Copy to T Hough for his comments. Copy
              also to Tesco and neighbouring residents.

              Consistency between the clubs was necessary. Meeting of MYCMG set
              for 2 May and Youth Committee for 9 May.

              Extra Sessions - HMS and the clerk would calculate the extra
              youth club sessions (to ensure that the youth clubs run for the
              whole of the school term) and ask for an invoice to date.

           c) Planning for September - Costing by TH for youth clubs and two
              evenings per week of drop-in were circulated. As there was
              considerable concern still about quality control and the lack
              of suitably qualified workers it was felt appropriate to
              continue with the status quo and consider this again at the
              May meeting.
              It was AGREED to invite the youth workers to the MYCMG meeting
              - salaries to be met by MPC.

           d) Payment of youth workers - it was AGREED to pay J Uttin Scale
              Y1 after Easter - £5.98 per hour.

195/01 6   Any other business - an interim report from TH on the youth clubs
           was received and noted.

The meeting ended at 9.25 pm.