Minutes of the Youth Committee Meeting
       held on Wednesday 1 November 2000 at 6.00pm in the Sycamores Pavilion

Present:   HM Smith (chair)   L Henderson   S Lester   GM Richardson
           J Sandford    The clerk SJ Daniels

       1   Apologies for absence   PB Gillings   DJ Lee

503/00 2   Chairman
           HMS was elected vice-chairman for the year and thus took the chair
           for the meeting.

504/00 3   Minutes
           The minutes of the meetings of 27 September and 11 October were 
           approved and signed as a true record.
(435/00)   Grant - SCDC had awarded the youth committee a grant of £3400.
(437/00)   Prince's Trust - SL would contact M Croxon.

505/00 4   Building and Equipment Progress
           Building - The work on the building should be finished within three
           days. As there was moisture in the building the clerk would hire a
           dehumidifer for two days. Electricity and water meters would need
           to be read before opening.

           Equipment - an armchair, sofa, microwave and television had been
           received. LH had organised repairs to a table tennis table. JS and
           SL offered to collect a pool table from Luton at £250 + travelling
           costs. SL and HMS were hoping to acquire a computer. A
           fridge/freezer and kettle were still needed.

506/00 5   Bus Project Report
           A report from the bus project was received and noted.

507/00 6   Youth Councils
           HMS reported on a day conference about youth councils. It was felt
           that the committee could allocate some funds to Milton's "youth
           council" (when formed) to organise activities.

508/00 7   Tenders
           No tenders had been received though Tony Hough IVC had sent a
           breakdown of costs for 3 evenings per week drop-in.
           It was agreed that a letter expressing committee's displeasure at
           IVC's apparent lack of commitment to the project and disregard of
           Milton's hard work be sent to head of Community Education Shire
           Hall with copy to the warden of IVC.
           JS (with input from HMS) to compose letter.

509/00 8   Play Equipment
           It was understood that MCC was making a grant of £1000 towards the
           teenage play equipment on Coles Road Recreation Ground.
           AGREED by all to make a grant of £5464 towards the play equipment.

The meeting ended at 7.55pm.