Minutes of the Youth Committee Meeting held on
       Wednesday 27 September 2000 at 7.30pm at The Sycamores Recreation Ground

Present:   DJ Lee  (chair)   L Henderson   S Lester   GM Richardson
           J Sandford    HM Smith
           The clerk SJ Daniels

       1   Apologies for absence PC Shulver. It was understood that P Mynott
           had resigned from the committee.

434/00 2   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 17 July 2000 were approved and signed
           as a true record.

       3   Matters arising
435/00     Grant
(350/00)   HMS had applied for grant aid from SCDC.

436/00 4   Update on building conversion
           Work was progressing slowly. An offer to help paint the building
           had been received. LH to organise.
           Work still to be done included waterproofing the roof and putting
           in the electricity.

437/00 5   Youth provision
            Some equipment had been acquired - television, mugs and two
            LH had contacted:
             manufacturers of table tennis tables to effect repairs to tables
             at MCC and ntl about provision of telephone/internet line.
            SL would ask M Croxon to apply for grant through Prince's Trust for
            pool table [youngsters must be involved in applications to Prince's

            DJL, JS and the clerk had met Geoff Redhead of Cottenham Village
            College but to date there had been no response from him.
            SL agreed to talk to Cottenham, Linton, Bottisham and Swavesey.
            Any village colleges interested would be invited to submit a tender
            by 20 October - to be discussed by committee on 1 November.
            Anticipated starting date January 2001.
            In the meantime LH would arrange a meeting with Paula Totes and
            Jackie Uttin. It was hoped that these two could run perhaps two
            sessions each week from half term to Christmas.

           It was agreed to wait till the building was open before involving
           the youth.

       6   Date of next meeting - Wednesday 1 November in youth building 6pm.

The meeting ended at 9.00pm.