Minutes of the Youth Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 17 July 2000 at 7.30pm at The Sycamores Recreation Ground

Present:   DJ Lee (chair)   P Gillings (part)   L Henderson   P Mynott
           GM Richardson   J Sandford   L Sandford (part)
           PC Shulver and Special Constable Gary Steel (both part)
           HM Smith   RLE Waters
           The clerk SJ Daniels
           T Hough (part)

Prior to the meeting the committee met Tony Hough, Director of Community Sport,
Education and Leisure at IVC.  He  had a budget of £48,000 for the year and
would give as much as he could towards youth provision at Milton.

       1   Apologies for absence  M Croxon  P Gaynord  S Lester  M Whitehouse

346/00 2   Election of Chairman
           DJ Lee was elected chairman.

347/00 3   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 27 March 2000 were approved and
           signed as a true record.

348/00 4   Update on Youth Club
           PG gave a report. Between 25 and 40 youngsters had attended. He was
           concerned about alcohol consumption on the recreation ground in
           recent weeks (PC Shulver would monitor).
           A provisional booking at the annexe for first week in September
           would be made.

349/00 5   Update on Bus Project
           PG reported that the bus had been reasonably well attended. It would
           attend for the weeks of 24 and 31 July. The third week of activities
           during the summer holidays had been booked.
           AGREED that PG would look for volunteers to help clean the youth
           building. Thanks to Peter and the "bus" team.

350/00 6   Youth Building Project
(334/00)   Building - Doors for disabled access were needed - a quotation of
           £670 had been received. Work on ramps for wheelchairs, lighting and
           alarm scheme, carpentry and painting (with fire-retardant paint)
           was in hand. A plan of suggested internal layout drawn up by LS was
           circulated and discussed. HMS and LH had obtained chairs and tables.
           The clerk would write a letter of thanks to Celltech Chiroscience.
           Concerns about youngsters climbing on to roof and under building
           were expressed. Prices for aluminium guttering and weld mesh (for
           base) would be obtained.
           LH would look into grant for disabled access.

           AGREED next meeting Wednesday 2 August and to give LS remit to
           proceed with accepting prices for work before meeting if necessary.

           Management of Youth Work
           - Terms and conditions for running the youth work were circulated.
             HMS to ask S White, Community Education Officer, County Council
             to check the details.
           - Notes to Bidders circulated.  These would be sent out with a
             return deadline of 1 August.
           AGREED that DJL and HMS would meet on 1 August at 2.15pm to open the                  tenders. To be discussed at meeting on 2 August.

           Management Committee Members - the following were nominated:

           MPC - DJL  GMR  HMS
           MCC - LH  LS
           Youth Worker - ?
           AN Others  - PM  JS and SL
           Youth - Katie Black and Ben Pain/Ollie Taylor.  (LH to pursue).

351/00 6   Teenage Play Equipment
(155/00)   HMS gave a brief update. There was a shortfall of about £6,000.
           It was hoped that there might be some money left from the youth
           building budget.

           Next Youth meeting 2 August.
           YBSG meeting 5 or 6 September (to be agreed).

The meeting ended at 9.50pm.