Minutes of the Youth Committee Meeting
       held on Tuesday 9th February 1999 at 7:30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   DJ Lee (chair)   J Sandford   HM Smith   RJ Farrington
           RLE Waters (part)   L Henderson   J Sweetman   A Wedgbury
           PC Shulver (part) and the clerk SJ Daniels

       1.  Apologies for Absence
           J Coston and E Holmes

71/99  2.  Minutes
           Minutes of the meeting of 30 September 1998 were confirmed and
           signed as a true record.

72/99  3.  Meeting
           Report of the meeting of 2 December 1998 was noted.

       4.  Matters Arising
73/99      Girls Group.  As there was lack of support E Holmes had not
           restarted this group after Christmas but was still trying to
           promote the scheme (telephone message).

74/99  5.  Bus Project
           A Wedgbury acknowledged MPC's support but explained that the
           Project's scope had changed to meet the needs of youngsters at
           jrisk.  As there were more demands on the Bus and the numbers
           of youngsters at Milton using it had dropped JSweetman and her
           co-workers had agreed to meet the requests from elsewhere.
           In addition Milton had other youth provision.  The Bus was not
           designed to serve Impington patch and was not part of the youth
           service.  The Bus Project rented a room from Impington VC but
           was not tied to IVC in any other way.
           Another Lottery application would need to be made to secure
           funding to pay salaries from October 1999.
           The Bus would visit Milton on Thursday of half term week (they
           were making an exception to visit Milton during their week off).
           If successful they would contemplate visiting during the Easter
           holiday.  They were also available during the summer if needed.
           J Sweetman would feed back to the clerk by Thursday 25 February
           the results of the half term visit.
           If there was a perceived need the Bus Project would consider
           returning to Milton.  MPC to let J Sweetman know of any problems/

75/99  6.  Facilities for Youth
           Linda Henderson attended to present her suggestions for provision
           for the 7 - 18 year old age group as a concerned parent
           representing other concerned parents.  Her proposals were:-
             Basketball area.
             Safe area for riding cycles - BMX track.
             Safe area for roller blading.
             Somewhere for older children to meet - "Drop-In Centre".

           LH showed sketches of proposed sites.  Noted that Coles Road
           Recreation Ground was overcrowded whilst The Sycamores Recreation
           Ground was under used.  It was hoped that these proposals would
           make The Sycamores more "user friendly".  Noted that LH was
           making a presentation to the MCC Committee Meeting on 10 February.

           Costing had been obtained from one firm - basketball area
           approximately £9,500; roller blading (option 1 including Sycamores
           car park) £13,000 plus.

           DJL proposed that the committee endorse the suggestions for
           basketball, roller blading and the BMX track and would recommend
           that the Parish Council put some funding towards these projects
           and recognise the fact that a "Drop In" centre was needed; the
           committee to look at this proposal again.  Agreed.

           Thanks to Linda Henderson for her presentation.

           RLEW pointed out that in view of these proposals and Council's
           need to meet the Sports Council's requirements perhaps MPC should
           look again at compulsory purchase of the land adjacent A14.

       7.  Any Other Business

76/99      Youth Work - Over 14 years plus.  Council would need to speak
           to A Allen about provision for the over 14's (to replace the
           service provided by The Bus)

           Noted that A Allen could apply through "Wren" for Landfill Tax
           to support youth work.

           DJL: to contact A Allen.

77/99      Millennium Ideas.  The Primary school children had made
           suggestions for facilities - these to be put to the Millennium

Date of next meeting: Monday 22 March 7.45pm.