Minutes of a Youth Committee meeting
       held on Thursday 2nd July 1998 at 7.30 pm in the Community Centre.

       Present DJ Lee (chair), John Sandford, A Allen, M Croxon
       Apologies Jane Coston, Hazel Smith, Rob Farrington and Judy Sweetman

       1   Election of Chair.
           David Lee was elected as chair for the forth coming year

       2   Minutes of the meeting of 17th March 1997 were accepted

       3   Matters Arising.
           Members reminded themselves of the items discussed at the
           last meeting. With regard to the homework club no further
           progress to report. IVC were successful in establishing a
           Summer Literacy school in 1997 and would run one again
           this summer. The College had been successful in securing a
           research project grant from the Basic Skills Agency of £15000
           to support tracking of Year 6 students.

       4   Bus Project update
           Numbers had fallen away over recent weeks. Not a major
           concern, but would become one if numbers did not rise in
           the Autumn term. Demand for the bus from other villages is
           growing and therefore consideration would need to be given
           to their needs if considered greater. Summer term report
           to be issued shortly.

       5   Safer Villages Seminar
           David and Andy reported on a useful morning looking at
           achievements elsewhere in Cambridgeshire, in particular
           with the drop in centre at Linton. Lessons to be learnt
           from such experiences, in particular on going funding issues

       6/7 Youth expenditure
           Youth club numbers had increased sharply in recent months.
           A very healthy situation. PC members anxious to secure as
           much youth provision as was possible for the village Andy
           Allen was asked to work out with youth leaders and review
           the provision for the youth in the village. Andy agreed to
           carry this out and report to PC by November and to present
           a shopping list of equipment that could be considered for
           purchase by the committee.

       8   Community Education Review
           A brief summary was given of the background to yet another
           review. MPC was asked to respond to the review by completing
           a questionnaire. David agreed to do this on behalf of the
           PC. An invitation was extended to WC to send a representative
           to attend the Community Education day on October 1st at IVC
           beginning at 9.30am

       9   AOB
           Members agreed for this committee to meet regularly
           throughout the year, 4 times, and to establish a longer
           term plan of youth work development in Milton

       10  Date of next meeting
           Wednesday September 9th 1998 7.30 pm MCC