Minutes of the Transport Meeting
held on Monday 24th May 1999 at 8:15pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RJ Farrington (chair)   JE Coston   R Day   RT Summerfield
           PK Oldham   LC Twinn   RLE Waters
           the clerk SJ Daniels

       1.  Apologies for absence  None

233/99 2.  Election of Chairman
           RJF was unanimously elected chairman.

234/99 3.  Bus Shelter
           A letter of complaint about the bus shelter in Landbeach Road
           was received.
           AGREED to ask Queensbury if improvements could be made to the
           Clerk: to action.

235/99 4.  Zebra Crossings - Science Park
           AGREED to support Trinity College's proposal to install two
           zebra crossings within the Science Park.  Preferred options:
           1st Raised crossing point with zebra markings.
           2nd Central refuges so long as they do not cause problems for
           Clerk:  to inform South Cambridgeshire Environment and Transport
                   Area Joint Committee.

236/99 5.  Jointly Funded Minor Improvements Scheme
           Noted that the Environment and Transport Area Joint Committee
           were likely to have funding towards minor improvements works in
           2000/01.  The Parish Council would be expected to pay a maximum
           of £1880 (60p per elector).
           Noted that Landbeach Parish Council were seeking support under
           this scheme for a pathway/cycle path from Landbeach to Milton.
           AGREED  to suggest that a 'pinch point' be made on the Ely Road
                   north of the proposed 'Farm College' entrance to the new
                   stockman's bungalow and buildings.
                   The pinch point should be designed to give priority to
                   vehicles coming out of the village.  The slow moving
                   agricultural machinery provides an extra reason for
                   reducing the speed of traffic at this point. It was felt
                   that the Farm College should be asked to make a
           AGREED  also to support Landbeach Parish Council so long as it
                   did not detract from the above.
           Clerk:  to notify David Brace of the County Council and to arrange
                   a meeting with the Farm College.

237/99 6.  Peak Hour Traffic
           A letter from a resident putting forward proposals to reduce the
           amount of peak hour traffic was received.
           AGREED  to reply that Council supported a cycle/footpath in
                   Landbeach Road and the Landbeach to Milton cycle path
                   and a cycle scheme with slight traffic calming elements
                   through the village plus the proposal for the pinch point.
                   It was hoped that the above schemes would make it less
                   attractive for through traffic to use the village
                   especially during peak hours.
           Clerk:  to action.

The meeting ended at 9.10pm