Minutes of the Play Committee Meeting
           held on Wednesday 14 July 03 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   M Ellwood (chair)   EH Baker   IR Cowley   T Feetenby   K Finney
           CJ Lock   D May   D Teeboon   RLE Waters   A Weeks
           The clerk SJ Daniels
302/03 1   Election of Chairman -  ME was elected chairman.
       2   Apologies for absence  -  JE Coston  L Henderson  HM Smith 

303/03 3   Minutes -  The minutes of the meeting of 8 January 03 were approved
           and signed as a true record.  
       4   Matters Arising
304/03     Work Party - a work party had dug over the bark at Humphries and
(40/03)    Froment Way.

305/03     Fence The Rowans  - the fence had been installed. Repairs (8 slats
(41/03)    were missing) and realignment behind the swings were needed. The
           clerk would ask Mr Wayman to repair..
           Action:  the clerk 

306/03 5   Play Areas - Inspections
           The Wicksted report had been received and circulated. It was AGREED 

              that items in the  high risk category should be dealt with
              immediately, items of medium risk should be put into the budget
              for repairs in the following year and low risk items monitored. 

           Humphries Way - low risk items.
           Froment Way - seats for the swings and rotating swing to be replaced
           2004 (medium risk) - cost £370. Goalmouths to be repaired in the
           Autumn.  Action:  RLEW & ME

           The Sycamores - the steps by the slide had been removed. Concrete to
           be removed at base of slide and infilling of remaining steps with
           ballast. Ground erosion at seat to be rectified. The clerk to liaise
           with J Gray MCC.  Action: the clerk
           Repairs to Honeycomb Whirl to be carried out in 2004 (medium risk) -
           cost £840.

           Coles Road - there had been problems with glass in the bark. Kids
           'R' Us and Pre-school carry out a visual check before using the
           apparatus. The clerk would ask MCC staff to carry out following
           repairs: remove broken telescope from multi-play unit, repair ground
           erosion at entrance and fix rubber stop to gate post.
           Action:  the clerk

           Skate Park - barrier between skate park and football pitch not
           considered necessary.

           A piece of equipment (fun box) for 7/8 year olds was needed -
           approximate cost £6,000.  

           It was suggested that the MCC be asked to remove the offensive
           graffiti only.
           Action:  the clerk

307/03 6   Disability Discrimination Act 1995
           ME warned that the committee would need to consider the provisions
           in this Act when installing new equipment.  

308/03 7   AOB
           Litter BMX Track - it was suggested that MCC look at employing
           RCT Adams for one hour per week to litter pick Coles Road.
           The Rowans - IRC agreed to inspect The Rowans play area.

The meeting ended at 8.30pm.