Minutes of the Play Committee Meeting
       held on Wednesday 8 January 2003 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   M Ellwood (chair)   H Ashford   JE Coston   K Finney   L Henderson
           CJ Lock   HM Smith   T Feetenby   RLE Waters   A Weeks
           The clerk SJ Daniels
35/03  1   Co-option of new member
           The chairman welcomed Theresa Feetenby.
           AGREED to co-opt Theresa on to the committee.

36/03  2   Apologies for absence  -  EH Baker   D May   D Teeboon   

37/03  3   Minutes -  The minutes of the meeting of 27 August 02 were approved
           and signed as a true record.  
       4   Matters Arising
38/03      Skate Park - should be finished by end the week. There was a
(335/02)   shortfall of £569 - would ask Finance Committee if MPC would pay.
           HMS also to apply to WREN.
           There was extra cost also for banking and seeding around edge of
           skate park. 
           Repairs to ruts caused by skate park construction need to be done
           by March.
39/03      Annual Play Inspections -  City Services had promised to arrange
(336/02)   for their inspector to discuss inspections with the clerk on
           1 October. The clerk was still waiting. It was suggested that the
           committee try Recreational Supply Services.
           Action: the clerk  
40/03  5   Play Areas
           Monthly Inspections:
           Coles Road - RLEW and E Belcher had repaired a space-net steel rope
           damaged by a hacksaw. (Quotation to repair was £1,000).
           Rubberised surface was extremely good.
           ME and/or TF to take on regular inspection of Coles Road.
           The Sycamores - broken retaining clip on see saw, new sign needed,
           swings to be monitored and hole in fence between basketball and
           skate park. MCC to be informed. 
           Action: the clerk
           Hawthorn Hedge - area around play houses very muddy. Bark to be
           Rowans - Herald Contract Services had declined to supply only the
           bark. HA would investigate price of supplying 20 cubic metres of
           bark (15 for Rowans and 5 for Hawthorn Hedge).
           ME and RLEW to check links on swing.
           Froment Way - fine. RLEW had dug the bark and put up a new sign.
           Thanks to RLEW.
           Humphries Way - volunteers to dig bark on Saturday 18 January at

           Thanks to all for completing the regular inspections.

41/03  6   Budget 2003-04
           Long Term Plans:
           An inventory of all play areas, equipment including manufacturers
           and life expectancy needs to be completed before the committee
           could even consider starting a rolling ten year plan of rubberised
           surfaces, replacement equipment etc.  Action:  ??

           AGREED that a fence was needed at The Rowans (to keep out dogs).
           The clerk to ask for quotations to extend the wooden fence (and as
           an alternative quotations for a metal fence).  
           Action: the clerk

           AGREED to ask for £3,000 for maintenance/emergency repairs and
           £3,000 capital costs for Rowans fence and bark.
The meeting ended at 8.50pm.