Minutes of the Play Committee Meeting
       held on Wednesday 29 May 2002 at 7.00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   M Ellwood (chair)   L Henderson   CJ Lock   A Macpherson   HM Smith
           D Teeboon   RLE Waters
           The clerk SJ Daniels
250/02 1   a) Composition of Committee
              As there were large areas of overlap between the Play Committee
              and ORC there was considerable discussion as to the merits of
              combining the two committees for the specific purpose of the
              provision and maintenance of play equipment throughout the
              village including the two recreation grounds.
              Note: ORC would still function in its own right to oversee all
              other aspects of recreation facilities on the recreation grounds.
              It was AGREED  that ORC members should be co-opted on to the Play 
              Committee with full voting rights.

           b) Election of chairman  - ME was elected chairman.

       2   Apologies for absence  -   JE Coston   C Palmer

251/02 3   Minutes -  The minutes of the meeting of 18 February 02 were
           approved and signed as a true record.  
           Skate Park - Club Surfaces had quoted £2130 to re-locate the
           cricket nets to the western end of the football pitch thus
           leaving an area next to the basketball court for the skate park.
           The lottery application for funding had been turned down. Other
           applications were still being considered. 
           It was AGREED  in principle to the relocation of the cricket nets.

252/02 4   Play Inspections 
           Wicksteed  - the Wicksteed report was discussed. 
           New signs needed - Action: Clerk.
           RLEW would test the wooden supports throughout for rot and would
           discuss necessary works on the recreation grounds play areas with
           J Gray
           - Action:  RLEW.

           Rota - The clerk would draw up a new rota for the summer months
           - Action: Clerk.

           City Services - J Gray had obtained a quotation from City Services
           for conducting play inspections - £28 per play area.
           It was AGREED  to ask City Services to inspect the play areas in
           February 2003 and to ask that a member of the Play Committee
           accompany the inspector.
           If the City Services work proved to be satisfactory the Committee
           would continue to use them for inspections rather than Wicksteed.
           City Services being local should be able to provide a more
           efficient repair service.

253/02 5   Safety Surfaces
           It was MCC priority to improve the surface of the toddlers' area
           at Coles Road - Action:  RLEW to discuss with J Gray.
           MCC were in favour of topping up Sycamores area with bark.
           It was AGREED  that the Committee should have a phased programme
           over a period of 7/8 years to replace all bark with a rubberised 
           Reason: After the initial expense there would be little on-going
           costs (such as topping up bark every two years) and more
           importantly it would reduce the dangers of broken glass in the bark. 
           It was noted that rubber surfaces should be put down only where
           there was new equipment eg toddlers' play area Coles Road. The
           equipment at The Rowans for example was installed in 1988 and would
           probably need to be replaced sooner rather than later.
           Action: RLEW and ME to measure The Rowans play area
           - the clerk then to obtain a quote for topping up with bark.

254/02 6   Rowans Play Area Fence
(156/02)   This was being discussed again in response to a letter from a
           RLEW felt that the Committee should consider fencing all toddlers'
           play areas in the village. It was suggested that Committee should
           draw up a plan to fence all the areas over a period of time.
Action:    ME and RLEW would survey all play areas to assess what was needed
           - both fencing and rubberised surfaces.

           In the light of the above Committee would meet in November to
           agree its budget requirements for 2003/04. 

The meeting ended at 8.40pm.