Minutes of the Play Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 18 February 2002 at 7.00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   M Ellwood (chair)   K Finney   HM Smith
           In attendance B Jefferson
           The clerk SJ Daniels

       1   Apologies for absence L Henderson

79/02  2   Minutes

           The minutes of the meeting of 17 October 01 were approved and signed
           as a true record.

80/02  3   Matters Arising
           Skate Park - HMS reported on her efforts to obtain funding from
           various sources.
           The clerk reported that Cornhill Insurance would provide public
           liability cover so long as the equipment is installed professionally
           and regularly inspected.

81/02  4   Play Inspections

           Wicksteed - the clerk had requested an inspection from Wicksteed at
           £25 per play area. ME would inspect all areas if Wicksteed were not
           able to inspect before Easter.

           Rota - the clerk would draw up a rota for the summer.

82/02  5   Rowans Play Area

           Quotations from Herald Contract Services and Wayman Fencing Services
           were received.

           Although there is no statutory requirement to fence off play areas
           ROSPA recommend most strongly that play areas be fenced to prevent
           dog fouling.

           It was AGREED
           to recommend that Council accept the quotation of £2270.12 from
           Wayman Fencing Services to supply and fit 63 metres of metal fence
           (1metre high) to enclose The Rowans play area.

83/02  6   AOB

           The clerk would ask Herald Contract Services for a quotation for
           topping up play areas with wood chippings - to include digging out
           and filling with chippings the grassed area behind the swings at
           The Rowans play area.

The meeting ended at 7.30pm.