Minutes of the Play Committee Meeting
       held on Wednesday 15 March 2000 at 7pm in the Community Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair)   M Ellwood   L Henderson  G Richardson
           The clerk SJ Daniels

       1   Apologies for absence  JE Coston   P Gaynord   J May   RLE Waters

125/00 2   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 29 November 1999  were approved and
           signed as a true record.

       3   Matters Arising
126/00     Weekly Checks
(571/99)   MCC staff were producing written record of weekly checks.  HMS
           would ask RCTA to do the same.

127/00     Maypole Seats
(574/99)   These were due to be installed shortly.

128/00 4   Wicksteed Inspection
           The inspection report was received. Various minor repairs were
           needed. The clerk would ask T Nicholls to effect these.
           MCC would carry out repairs on the recreation grounds.
           Basketball Goal - Froment Way
           AGREED to recommend that the basketball goal be moved to teenage
                  area on Coles Road at appropriate time.

129/00 5   Projects
           Both courts were now in use. LH was investigating whether Tesco
           would allow lighting cables to be taken from their site for
           basketball court. A fence (plus seat) was due to be installed
           around The Sycamores play area.
           The cost to be met from funds remaining from courts project.

           BMX Track
           Work on the site at Coles Road was in hand. Bus Project were asking
           youngsters to design the track. Noted that more tree work was

           Teenage Area
           Permission for space net mast had been granted.  HMS had applied for
           funding from WREN, Lottery Awards For All, MPC, Cambridge News
           Community Challenge.

           Humphries Way
           A request had been received for larger size goal posts on Humphries
           Way. This was considered inappropriate on this site. It was
           suggested that posts could sited on The Sycamores Recreation Ground.

The meeting ended at 7.45pm.