Minutes of the Play Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 29 November 1999 at 8.00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair)  JE Coston   P Gaynord   L Henderson   J May
           RLE Waters   The clerk SJ Daniels

       1   Apologies for absence - none

564/99 2   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 24 June 1999 were approved and
           signed as a true record.

       3   Matters arising
565/99     Basketball Area
(325/99)   Noted that the basketball goals were now scheduled to arrive on
           December 8. The court was finished but there were puddles on the
           eastern side. Anglian & Midland to be informed.

566/99     Roller Hockey Area
(327/99)   The clerk:  to ask Anglian & Midland for a quotation for a multi
                       use court.
           RLEW was obtaining quoting for the lighting from the contractors
           who supplied the Community Centre car park lighting.

567/99     BMX Track
(326/99)   Proposals for the site adjacent Tomkins Mead were confirmed. The
           Recreation Group of MCC would finalise details of BMX track in
           readiness for a full MCC meeting in February.

568/99     Spider's Web
(328/99)   See item 8c below.

569/99 4   Play Inspections
           AGREED to deal with outstanding items not yet finalised from
                  previous Wicksteed inspection at next inspection.
           The manufacturer of the wooden houses at the Hawthorn Hedge site
           had agreed to look at the 'toggle' traps in the roof.
           Noted that a company, Recreational Supply Services Ltd, could
           supply chains for the maypole swing that would be difficult to knot.
           AGREED to recommend that Council buy two new maypole seats and
           chains at £181 + £140 for fitting.
           The clerk: to draw up a new rota for winter (2 monthly) and summer
                      (monthly from March).

570/99 5   Inspection Books
           HMS had produced a comprehensive inspection book to assist with
           the 1/2 monthly checks by committee members.

571/99 6   Weekly Checks by Staff
           HMS had produced a draft sheet of checks to be made by staff.
           HMS: to discuss with the staff.

572/99 7   Professional Annual Inspection
(437/99)   AGREED to invite Wicksteed to inspect the play equipment at £120
                  (6 sites x £20) on condition that a written guarantee that
                  all remedial works be completed within two months of the
           The clerk: to ask that guarantee be received by mid December.

573/99 8   New Equipment:
(448/99)   a) Hags Play multi-play unit in stockade - installed within 8
              AGREED to recommend bark top-up to MCC.
(421/99)   b) New plan for teenagers - Youth committee were due to discuss
              youth provision in conjunction with 'Change It' - a project run
              by Cambridge Association of Youth Clubs (CAYC).  The scheme
              would involve a youth worker paid by CAYC if matching funds
              could be found by MPC.
           c) Consultation with groups/teenagers
              'Lappset' (a manufacturer of play equipment) were drawing up
              plans for teenage equipment including a shelter in time for the
              Council meeting of 6 December. Youngsters would be consulted at
              the appropriate time.

574/99  9  Repairs in hand or ordered:
           a) Barber's Pole Wobbler - Wicksteed had promised its return.
              The clerk: to pursue.
(448/99)   b) Honeycomb Whirl - removed by Wicksteed for repair.
           c) Maypole Seats - see above min 565/99.

The meeting ended at 9.35pm.