Minutes of the Play Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 22nd February 1999 at 8:00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair)   JE Coston   J Sandford   RLE Waters
           P Brindle   J May   P Gaynord   and the clerk SJ Daniels
           In attendance L Henderson

       1.  Apologies for absence  RJ Farrington  CF Nunn

       2.  Welcome and introduction to new members
           HMS welcomed the new members Pauline Brindle and Joanne May
           (representatives of MCC) and explained the role of the committee.

78/99  3.  Minutes
           The minutes of 21 June 1998 were signed as a true record.

79/99  4.  Matters arising
           Committee had decided to keep the Roll-a-Barrel (297/98) as it
           was popular with older children.
           Noted that the MCC staff were now raking the bark regularly
           Agreed to monitor the slide (Coles Road 299/98).

80/99  5.  Wicksteed Report
           Wicksteed had inspected the equipment in January.  HMS and the
           clerk had met with Kevin Jasper of Wicksteed to clarify some
           of the comments.

           Agreed to recommend that Council pay an annual fee of £25
           to Wicksteed for its inspections.

           This would ensure that minor repairs would be carried out during
           the inspection.

           Agreed to ask Wicksteed for a quotation to put right all the
           defects highlighted in the report.

           Wicksteed had expressed concern that the ground clearance under
           the honeycombe whirl did not conform to the British/European
           standards.  Noted that the quad pavers under the honeycombe whirl
           were not a safety surface but a "wearing pad" to prevent ground
           erosion (phone message from Playdale).  It was necessary to keep
           the bark raked to the correct levels regularly.
           The clerk: to inform MCC.

           Agreed to recommend that MCC ask P Whiterod to paint the
           slide on The Sycamores Recreation Ground (as per report).

           It was decided not to move the basketball goal from Froment Way
           at this stage.

           Agreed to recommend that Council purchase a double swing
           for Humphries Way.

81/99  6.  Provision of BMX track, hard surface for roller hockey and
           basketball LH suggested suitable sites - basketball and roller
           hockey at The Sycamores, BMX at Coles Road.  Noted that MCC had
           agreed to the schemes in principle.
           Committee fully supported the proposals.  It was hoped that
           finance for the projects could come out of the proceeds of the
           sale of the "Sheltered Housing" land.
           The clerk: to obtain firm quotations for surfaces for roller
           hockey and basketball including fencing where necessary to put
           before Council;  MCC to be informed.
           (Lighting to be considered at a later stage - together with
           lighting for car park?).
           Committee: to visit new BMX scheme at Trumpington.

82/99  7.  Rota for play inspections
           The clerk: to draw up a rota for inspections.

83/99  8.  Insurances of play equipment
           Agreed to review for year 2000.

The meeting ended at 10.25pm