Minutes of the Play Committee Meeting
       held on Sunday 21 June 1998 at 10am in the Community Centre

Present:   HM Smith (chair)  JE Coston
           IL Davis DT Wildman (both by invitation)
           and the clerk SJ Daniels.

Apologies for absence: CF Nunn P Gaynord J Sandford RLE Waters.

295/98 1.  Election of Chairman
           HM Smith was elected chair.

296/98 2.  Role of Play Committee
           The following statement of intent was agreed :-

           "The Play Committee is an advisory committee accountable to
           both MCC and MPC. It has no budget of its own. It organises
           Wicksteed inspections as frequently as Wicksteed will do
           them free of charge. It also inspects all play equipment
           particularly during the summer. A rota of inspections should
           be drawn up. The daily/weekly inspections should still be done
           by those responsible for raking and litter picking.

           All play equipment should be ordered through the clerk.
           Authorisation for ordering to be given by MCC or MPC depending
           on play area and nature of work to be done. Emergency repairs
           and disabling of equipment if necessary to be actioned by
           clerk and hair of Play Committee. Financial agreements with
           the new MCC Charity should be set up as soon as possible."

297/98 3.  Request from Pre School
           The Pre School had requested that the Roll-a-Barrel be replaced
           by another piece of equipment as it was considered unsuitable
           for their age group; also a member of staff needed to supervise
           this equipment specifically.
           It was agreed to keep the Roll-a-Barrel in situ.

298/98 4.  Safety Surfaces - Quotes
           As there was a problem with finding staff willing to rake/
           litter pick the bark at The Sycamores and Coles Road it was
           agreed that the clerk would ask (on MCC's behalf) Herald
           Contract Services to quote for same on a weekly basis.

           Agreed to recommend that MPC accept the following quotes:

           1)  Herald Contract Services - 25 cubic metres of woodchip to
               be supplied and spread on the play areas at the two
               recreation grounds at £25 per cu metre making a total of
               £625 plus VAT (to be paid through MCC grant).

               NOTE: Playdale had also recommended 41 cu metres at the
               Sycamores play area. It was felt that in view of no 2
               below 25 cu metres might be sufficient.

           2)  Playdale - 32 Quad Pavers installed under Honeycomb Whirl
               at The Sycamores £1200 plus VAT.

299/98 5.  Wicksteed Inspection Report
           Agreed to ask P Whiterod to put mastik/silicone into gaps at
           the side of the slide surface - Coles Road.
           ILD asked the Play Committee to consider long term possibly
           resiting the aerial runway etc as he was hoping to have that
           area of recreation ground resurfaced (with soil from the
           Sheltered Housing site) and another junior football pitch laid.

300/98 6.  The Rowans Play Area
           Agreed to recommend that MPC accept P Whiterod's quote of £581
           for extending the fence. (The fence at present is too close
           to the swings and is a possible danger).

301/98 7.  Five a Side Goalposts - Froment Way
           Agreed to recommend to MPC that P Whiterod be asked to move
           and reset one of the goalposts.  Exact quotation to be obtained.

302/98 8.  Rota for Play Inspection
           Agreed that there should be a monthly inspection of all play
           equipment - rota to be circulated.

The meeting ended at 11.50am.