Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 17 February 2003 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre 

Present:   RJ Farrington (chair)   JE Coston   R Day   PK Oldham   TJ Siggs
           RT Summerfield   LC Twinn   RLE Waters   The clerk SJ Daniels 
       1   Apologies for absence - B Jefferson   CJ Lock

92/03  2   Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd
(73/03)    Michael Healey and colleague of Napp Pharmaceuticals and Tony Poole,
           Architect attended. Outline permission for 32,680 m2B1
           floorspace together car parking and access with had been granted in
           January 2001 (min 53/01). Napp had recently applied for a two year
           extension to this outline permission. The immediate need was for
           15,000 square feet of additional secure warehousing for controlled
           drugs to be built by June 2004. HGV traffic movements would be
           reduced by about 150 per year.
           There would be no noxious substances in the building, or flues
           required and a sophisticated sprinkler would be installed.
93/03  3   Minutes - The minutes of the meeting of 20 January 2003 were
           approved and signed as a true record.

(44/03)    Golf Practice Centre - a letter from J Belcham, Planning Officer
           SCDC states (re planning gain)
           "The use is considered suitable in this Green Belt location and it
            complies with both National and Local Planning policies and
            advice. The Authority cannot .expect it to support additional and
            unconnected facilities for the village. Access to the Rowing Lake
            will still be from Car Dyke, Waterbeach."  

(74/03)    Appeal - Mr & Mrs AE Dewey - copy of a letter of objection from a
           neighbour was received.

(78/03)    Demolition of garage and shed at Queen Anne Lodge - permission was
           not needed as the garage was outside the Conservation Area.
           An application for a new garage and workshop would be discussed at
           the March meeting.

       4   Decisions Received
94/03      Chirotech Technology Ltd Unit 101 Science Park - satellite dish -
(451/02)   approved.

95/03      Mr & Mrs Heald 5 Garner Close - extension - refused. The 2nd floor
(22/03)    dormer window would be oppressive when viewed from the rear of 2,4
           and 6 Conder Close resulting in unacceptable loss of privacy. The
           first floor above the garage would be overbearing when viewed from
           the rear of number 3 Garner Close contrary to Structure Plan Policy
           SP12/10 and Local Plan No 2 Proposed Modifications 2002 Policy HG17.
       5   New Applications
96/03      S/1696/01  Trinity College (CSP) Ltd with Aula Ltd - Unit 410
(578/01)   Science Park - building for research and development with
           associated offices - amendments - for information only. 

97/03      S/0141/03 Mr & Mrs Whybrow 5 Old School Lane - single storey rear
           extension - no recommendation.

98/03      S/0152/03 Mr & Mrs Liptrot 18 Fen Road - conservatory

99/03      S/0190/03 Mr & Mrs Heybrook 27 Froment Way - conservatory - no

100/03     S/0194/03 St John's College adj Dirac House St John's Innovation
           Centre Cowley Road - approve.

101/03 6   Public Entertainments Licence
           JEC declared an interest.
           In response to a letter from a resident RTS had asked the relevant
           officer at SCDC to confirm that the Lion and Lamb Public house was
           complying with the conditions of its Public Entertainments Licence.

102/03 7   Chemical Spillage Science Park 
           To be discussed at March meeting.

The meeting ended at 8.25pm.