Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 20 January 2003 at 7.00pm in the Community Centre 

Present:   RJ Farrington (chair)   R Day   B Jefferson   PK Oldham   TJ Siggs
           RT Summerfield RLE Waters
           The clerk SJ Daniels 

       1   Apologies for absence  -  JE Coston   M Ellwood  HM Smith  LC Twinn

42/03  2   Minutes - the minutes of the meeting of  28 October 2002 were
           approved and signed as a true record.

       3   Decisions Received
43/03      WT Wong 61 Cambridge Road - extension (retrospective application) -

       4   New Applications
44/03      S/2103/01 Lancashire Industrial and Commercial Services Ltd - 
(21/03)    Penfold Farm  Ely Road - change of use to golf practice centre
           including club house, par 3 golf course, shop/office, car park,
           access and bridle path/pedestrian link to rowing lake and park -
           amendments to pro's shop building, car park landscaping and
           biodiversity/ landscaping drawing.    
           RTS reported that permission had been granted for a golf practice
           centre in 1997. The permission dated 24 May 2002 (min 271/02) was
           for a par 3 golf course. One of the conditions stated that "no
           more than 450m2 floor-space of the Golf Centre complex
           (was) to be built until completion of Rowing Lake and public access"
           If the rowing lake did not go ahead then approval was for a small
           shop and office only.
           A condition applied also to the bridlepath.  There was no intention
           to allow any vehicle access to the rowing lake from this site.

45/03      S/0615/02 Trinity College (CSP) with Aula Ltd - Unit 418
(301/02)   Science Park - revised positioning of transformer and switch gear
           housing - approve.

           S/2504/02 Cambridge Regional College - 4 portacabins (retrospective
           application) - no recommendation. 

46/03      S/00032/03/CW  Waste Recycling Group  - land at Milton Landfill
           Site - retention of inert waste recycling facility to be linked to
           the operational life of the site.
           J Belcham Planning Officer SCDC had informed RTS that the change of
           date for the lifetime of the site from 2007  (S/1570/00 min 404/00)
           had not yet been determined by the County Council - Section 106
           Agreement yet to be agreed.  He understood that the present
           application was to extend temporary permission.
           No recommendation. Support SCDC. Conditions should apply as
47/03  5   CPRE Planning Applications Workshop for Councillors - 8 March
           Noted that a CPRE Planning Workshop was planned for 8 March.
The meeting ended at 7.20pm.