Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 18 February 2001 at 7.30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RJ Farrington (chair) B Jefferson HM Smith RT Summerfield LC Twinn
           CJ Lock
           The clerk SJ Daniels

       1   Apologies for absence - R Day (apologies from the clerk - RD did not
           receive his agenda) TJ Siggs RLE Waters

84/02  2   Minutes - the minutes of the meeting of 17 December 2001 were
           approved and signed as a true record.

       3   Decisions Received

85/02      Trinity College (CSP) Ltd with Aula Ltd Unit 410 Science Park -
(466/01)   building for research and development with associated offices -
           amendments minor re-siting of building and rearrangement of car
           parking access and store buildings to rear approved.

86/02      Cambridge Regional College Kings Hedges Road - 3 portable classrooms
(538/01)   - approved (temporary permission).

87/02      Ionix Pharmaceuticals Ltd Unit 184 Science Park - temporary
(20/02)    laboratory building - approved till 31 December 2003. Trees to be
           protected before commencement of work.

88/02      Heraeus Noblelight Ltd - Unit 161 Science Park - canteen extension -
(23/02)    approved. External materials to be identical to those used for the
           existing building.

       4   New Applications
89/02      S/0187/02 Mr & Mrs C Peters 11 High Street - two storey bedroom
(70/02)    extension and single storey living/dining room to extension to
           main dwelling, study room to rear garden - no recommendation.

90/02      S/0222/02 Biofocus Discovery Ltd Unit 9B Science Park - gas meter
           housing and first floor chiller enclosure (minor external changes
           from previous permission

91/02      S/1907/01 - no recommendation.

92/02      S/0207/02 Mr P Carey 34 The Oaks - single garage and conversion of
           existing garage to a study/playroom - no recommendation (deferred
           to allow comments from neighbours).

93/02      S/0225/02 Polight Technologies Ltd Unit 291 Science Park -
           external plant extract system/flue and cylinder storage - no

94/02      S/0228/02 K & L Dhese 51Old School Lane - single storey extension
           for use as study/family room - no recommendation.

95/02      S/0267/02 Mrs SJ Martin 2 Coles Road - part change of use from
           Post Office (class A1) to office for letting agent (class A2) -

96/02      S/0276/02 Mr C Logan Ambassador Lodge High Street - owner's
           breakfast room extension - no recommendation.

97/02      S/0326/02 Mr S Campbell - 54 Butt Lane - two storey side
           extension - no recommendation (deferred to allow comments from

       5   Public Entertainments Licence

98/02      Application by White Horse for renewal - approve provided existing
           conditions remain in force.

The meeting ended at 8.10pm.