Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 19 November 2001 at 7.50pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RJ Farrington (chair)   R Day   B Jefferson   CJ Lock   PK Oldham
           HM Smith   RT Summerfield   LC Twinn
           The clerk SJ Daniels

       1   Apologies for absence   TJ Siggs

600/01 2   Minutes - the minutes of the meeting of 15 October 2001 were
           approved and signed as a true record.

       3   Decisions Received
601/01     RG Cave land r/o 63 Cambridge Road bungalow - refused. Back-land
(507/01)   development out of character with the surrounding area. The bungalow
           would be sited in a poor environment suffering noise and disturbance
           from its commercial neighbours and causing noise and disturbance to
           its residential neighbour. The proposed access for the bungalow
           would run between and in close proximity to the two proposed houses.
           Further noise and disturbance would occur through the use of the
           proposed access to the new properties either side of the access.

           Contrary to Policy SP12/10 of the Structure Plan 1995, Policy H15 of
           the South Cambs Local Plan 1993 and Policy H16A of the South Cambs
           Deposit Local Plan 1999.

       4   New Applications
602/01     S/2103/01 Lancashire Industrial and Commercial Services Ltd - change
           of use to golf practice centre including club house par 3 golf course
           shop/office car park access and bridle path/pedestrian link to
           rowing lake and park at Penfold Farm Ely Road.
           No recommendation - comments:
           - Pedestrian access - no vehicle use (except emergency) should be
           - Trees and hedges should be safeguarded as a natural screen. The
             proposed landscaping scheme requested.
           - No material to be removed from the site.
           - Archaeology scheme to be a Reserved Matter?

603/01     S/2130/01 Astex Technology Ltd - hardstanding adjacent Unit 128
           Science Park installation of temporary portakabin - no
           Comments (for S/2131/01 below also) :
           - Permission should be temporary - no more than 18 months.
           - Car parking implications should be considered as a 50% increase
             in staff was planned.

604/01     S/2131/01 Astex Technology Ltd  - grassed area adjacent Unit 250
           Science Park installation of temporary portakabin - no
           recommendation. (Comments as above).

605/01     S/2144/01 C Lee - site at Cave Industrial Estate  Chesterton Fen
           Road - change of use of land for storage of skips/bins and lorries
           - no recommendation.
           Concerned about the impact of additional traffic on local residents.

       5   Any other business
606/01     Research and Development Building Unit 436 Science Park
(575/01)   Noted that SCDC had no objection to this building being
           constructed in two phases.

The meeting ended at 8.20pm.