Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 15 October 2001 at 8.00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RJ Farrington [chair]   R Day   B Jefferson   HM Smith (part)
           TJ Siggs   RT Summerfield   L C Twinn   RLE Waters   PK Oldham
           the clerk

       1   Apologies for absence

535/01 2   Minutes  - the minutes of the meeting of  17 September 2001 were
           approved and signed as a true record.

       3   Decisions Received
536/01     Lifespan Healthcare NHS Trust - Milton Surgery Coles Road -
(402/01)   portable office building - approved till 31 August 2002.

537/01     Mr & Mrs C Peters 11 High Street  - two storey extension to side,
(464/01)   alterations to rear single storey extension, erection of study
           room/store - application now withdrawn.

       4   New Applications
538/01     S/1898/01 Cambridge Regional College siting of three mobile
           classrooms to house students due to over subscription of classes.
           Approve subject to the buildings being for a temporary period -
           concerned about the extra car parking needed.
539/01     S/907/01 Biofocus Discovery Ltd Unit 9B Science Park - new roof
           mounted flues and minor elevation changes to south east facing
           elevation - no recommendation
           (4 votes in favour 4 abstentions).

       5   Any other business
540/01     Landscaping Milton Hall Ely Road - noted that Pi Research wished to
           retain the leylandii hedge.
           The clerk would inform Mr Hellingsworth that the Committee had no
           objection to retaining the hedge provided that the fence be removed
           and that the height of the hedge  kept to a maximum of 1.5 metres.
           Agreed that RTS would represent Council at any site meeting.

541/01     Development on Sites Subject to Flooding - guidelines received from
           SCDC - to be copied for Committee.

The meeting ended at 8.25pm.