NB: these minutes were OCRed - there may be small errors

       Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 17 September 2001 at 7.00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RJ Farrington [chair]   R Day   B Jefferson   HM Smith   L C Twinn
           RLE Waters   PK Oldham (part)
           the clerk

       1   Apologies for absence - TJ Siggs   RT Summerfield

459/01 2   Election of chairman - RJF was elected chairman

460/01 3   Minutes - the minutes of the meeting of 16 July 2001 were
           approved and signed as a true record.

       4   Decisions Received
461/01     J Upton The Old Coal Yard Chesterton Fen Road - change of use to
(32/101)   storage of skips - approved. Skips not to be stored to a height
           exceeding 2 metres. No more than 20 skips to be stored on site at
           any one time. No waste material to be stored on the site or within
           the skips.

       5   New Applications
462/01     S/1637/01 C Lee land adjacent 2 Grange Park Chesterton Fen Road -
           use of land for storage of skips - no recommendation.
           Concerned that this might conflict with Local Plan Policies for
           Chesterton Fen and about the impact of additional traffic on local

463/01     S/1639/01 Mr N Fleming 16 Willow Crescent - two storey and single
           storey side extension - refuse.
           Concerned that one car parking space would he lost. The proposed
           extensions would make it difficult to park two cars on the front
           Supported the neighbour's objection regarding loss of light to the
           kitchen window of number 18 Willow Crescent.
           The proposal would appear to he over development of this site as it
           would increase the building by 50%.

464/01     S/1661/01 Mr & Mrs C Peters 11High Street - two storey extension to
           side, alterations to rear single storey extension erection of
           study room/store no recommendation.

465/01     S/1662/01 Mr & Mrs G Butler 44 Old School Lane - single storey side
           and rear extension - approve.

466/01     S/1696/01/RM Trinity College (CSP) Ltd with Aula Ltd - Unit 410
           Science Park - building for research/development with supporting
           offices (application for approval of reserved matters following
           granting of outline permission) no recommendation. Concerned that
           there should be adequate parking both for the employees and
           visitors; that there should be sympathetic landscaping around the
           building and that the building itself fits in aesthetically with
           its surrounds.

467/01     S/1722/01 S&M Miller137 Cambridge Road - change of use of showroom
           for sale of ceramic tiles - no recommendation.

468/01     S/1724/01 Mr & Mrs Smith 31 Humphries Way - kitchen extension &
           extension of garage with additional bedroom over - extend/alter
           existing bathroom - no recommendation.

469/01     S/1757/01 Mr & Mrs McPherson 88 Butt lane - extension to dwelling
           - no recommendation.

470/01 6   SCDC Enforcement Manual/Retrospective Planning Applications

           A copy of SCDC Enforcement Manual had been circulated. The Manual
           explained SCDC's policy, procedures and priorities when taking
           enforcement action.

           It was noted that retrospective planning applications were
           considered in the same way as other applications.

The meeting ended at 7.45pm.