Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 16 July 2001 at 7.00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RJ Farrington [chair]   R Day   B Jefferson   L C Twinn
           RT Summerfield   RLE Waters   PK Oldham   TJ Siggs   the clerk

       1   Apologies for absence  HM Smith

393/01 2   Minutes  - the minutes of the meeting of 19 March 2001 were
(190/01)   approved and signed as a true record.
           Landfill Site - noted that JEC was obtaining free legal advice and
           intended also to contact the auditor ( min 362/01 refers).

       3   Decisions Received
394/01     Mr & Mrs R Skinner 3 Bulteel Close - amendments from pitched roof to
(363/00)   flat roof over kitchen extension - approved.
395/01     Tesco Stores Ltd - amendments - repositioning of coffee shop and
(272/01)   main entrance and adjustments to front elevation; revised car park
           layout including repositioned recycling centre and change of
           cladding to cage store - approved.
396/01     Tesco Stores Ltd - sign - approved.
397/01     Plastic Logic Ltd Units 34/35 Science Park - 2 chimney stacks,
(321/01)   condensing units, liquid nitrogen storage cage and roof mounted
           chiller units - approved
398/01     Virata Unit 230 Science Park - display of signs - approved
399/01     Cherry Close Freehold Ltd - replacement garage block 1-5 Cherry
(323/01)   Close - approved. Horse chestnut tree to be protected. Any trees
           removed or dying or damaged to be replaced in the next planting
400/01     Mr & Mrs A Onyett 10 Prior Close - extension and garage - approved.
(324/01)   External materials to be identical with existing.  Space for
           parking of three cars to be laid out within the site. Garage not to
           be used as additional living accommodation.
401/01     Mr & Mrs N Godden 4 Ballard Close - extension - approved.
(380/01)   External materials to be identical with existing.   Existing garage
           not to be used as additional living accommodation.

       4   New Applications
402/01     S/1129/01 Lifespan Healthcare NHS Trust - Milton Surgery Coles Road
(382/01)   - portable office building. Having met with the doctors RLEW, RJF
           and the clerk sent the following comments:
           "We are concerned that Lifespan did not at any time consult the
            Parish Council about this application.
            Milton Parish Council is minded to refuse the application unless
            there are categoric assurances that this is temporary for one year
            only. As landowners the PC does not wish to see inappropriate
            buildings on this  site."
403/01     S/1252/01 East Anglia Children's Hospice - addition of 3 dormer
           windows - no recommendation.
404/01     S/1254/01 Mr & Mrs Lewis 16 Sutton Close - conservatory - no
405/01     S/1301/01 Mr RG Cave  - demolition of bungalow and erection of two
           detached houses and garages at 63 Cambridge Road - no
406/01     S/1315/01 AJ Ellington 51 Butt Lane - single storey ground floor
           bay window - no recommendation.
407/01     S/1336/01 Trinity College (CSP) Ltd and Aula Ltd - Phase 6 Science
           Park - structural landscape - no recommendation.

       5   Any other business
408/01     City Centre Development - noted that the application for the City
(358/99)   Centre retail development had been approved by the City Council.
409/01     Appeal - noted that Mr M Young had appealed against refusal of
(315/01)   permission for a garage at 26 The Rowans.

The meeting ended at 7.30pm.