Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting
       held on Monday 22 January 2001 at 8.40pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RJ Farrington [chair]   JE Coston [part]   R Day   B Jefferson
           HM Smith   RT Summerfield   LC Twinn   RLE Waters   EH Baker
           PK Oldham   TJ Siggs
           The clerk

       1   Apologies for absence  None

51/01  2   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 18 December 2000 were approved and
           signed as a true record.
(609/00)   S/2190/00 M Smith 42 Fen Road - noted that the ownership of verge
           adjacent Shirley Close was being investigated by Shirley Close
           Residents' Association.
(20/01)    Ash Tree Hospice - the following comment was sent to SCDC: "We agree
           with the suggestion made by the SCDC Trees Officer that the tree be

       3   Decisions Received
52/01      Trinity College (CSP) Ltd and Aula Ltd - link road at land
(414/98)   between Kings Hedges Drive and the Science Park - approved.
           Amended plan received (for information only).

53/01      Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd Science Park - erection of
(407/99)   32,680 m2 B1Floorspace together with car parking and
           access - approved.
           Development to be started within 5 years. Full details of reserved
           matters in respect of siting of buildings, design and external
           appearance of the buildings and landscaping of the site to be
           approved by the LPA. The buildings to be used for research and
           development only, for a period of 10 years from the occupation of
           each of the new buildings.
           The following to be approved by LPA:
           A programme of archaeological work; external lighting scheme;
           details of car parking provision and secure and covered cycle
           parking; landscaping scheme; ecological survey and scheme for
           protection of invertebrates, breeding birds and reptiles; scheme
           for retention and creation of grassland, scrub and other habitats
           of wildlife value; scheme and programme for investigation and
           recording of contamination and report detailing proposals to remove,
           contain or render harmless such contamination; scheme for provision
           and implementation of pollution control, including foul and
           surface water drainage.
           No development to take place until the completion of road
           improvements to the A14 west bound off slip road to three lanes and
           alterations to the circulatory carriageway of the A10 at the A10/A14
           A scheme to improve the Science Park/A1307 junction and details of
           the additional means of access to the Science Park estate road to
           be approved by the LPA - works to be completed in accordance with
           agreed time scale.

54/01      Mr & Mrs Robinson 56 Butt Lane - extension - approved.  Garage not
(591/00)   to be used as additional living accommodation (and no trade or
           business to be carried on therefrom); parking spaces to be retained
           and kept free for parking of vehicles at all times.

55/01      Mr & Mrs F Butterfill 21 Butt Lane - single storey rear extension -
(592/00)   approved. Bricks to be identical to those used for existing building.

56/01      AC & PS Collen 41 Cambridge Road - two storey extension - approved.

57/01      Mr & Mrs K Ball 7 Ballard Close - two storey side extension -
(611/00)   approved.

       4   New Applications
58/01      S/1968/00 BYW  Ltd - land adjacent unit 270 Science Park - erection
(583/00)   of office/research and development building together with car
           parking, cycle and refuse stores - amended layout to include
           landscaping details - no recommendation.

59/01      S/2377/00 Mr Ellington & Miss Collier 51 Butt Lane - single storey
(24/01)    extensions at either end of property and minor internal alterations
           within garage area - no recommendation.

60/01      S/0008/01 SSL International Unit 205 Science Park - single storey
           rest room and storage buildings to replace 3 temporary cabins -
           Over-development of the site and out of character with the area.
           Another example of the original concept of the Science Park being
           eroded by the encroachment of buildings. Disappointed at the poorly
           presented plans.

61/01      S/0009/01 Trinity College (CSP) Ltd and Aula Ltd Unit 418/428
           Phase 6 Science Park - building for research/development with
           supporting offices - no recommendation.

62/01      S/0021/01 Mr & Mrs Cox 169 The Rowans - first floor extension - no

63/01      S/0068/01/A Tesco Store Cambridge Road - signs - no recommendation.

64/01      S/0078/01/PNT Vodafone Ltd - 3 UNTS antenna, equipment cabinet and
           meter cabinet, NTL at Milton Transmitting Station EE Offices
           Ely Road - no recommendation (1 abstention).

The meeting ended at 9.25pm.