Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting
       held Monday 20 March 2000 at 7pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RJ Farrington (chair)   JE Coston   R Day   HM Smith
           RT Summerfield   LC Twinn   RLE Waters
           The clerk SJ Daniels
           One member of the public (part)

       1   Apologies for absence  none

130/00 2   Mr L Martin Waterbeach Consultants - proposed development at 
(57/00)    Waterbeach Barracks.
           Mr Martin gave an overview of the probable development strategy for
           the region for the next 30-50 years.  Growth would be centred on
           Norwich, Ipswich, Peterborough and Cambridge.
           The Draft Structure Plan for 2006-16 was due to be published in the
           Autumn 2000, the final examination in public to take place in 2002.
           Development at Waterbeach of 7-10,000 dwellings on 700 acres of MOD
           land plus 400 acres of private land between Denny End Road, the A10
           and the railway for approximately 2 miles would be part of this
           60% of the land is 'brownfield'.  The population would be about
           How would Milton be affected?  The whole transport infrastructure,
           including as a necessary part, public transport, would need to be
           improved. Waterbeach could not be developed without funding
           commitment for this.
           Government studies of the A14, M11 and A10 were taking place now.
           Five ways of accommodating the expected growth had been identified
           - to develop:
           1. Centre of Cambridge
           2. Green Belt
           3. New Settlements
           4. Public Transport Corridors
           5. Market Towns.
           Waterbeach development would help prevent growth in Milton.

           LM favoured the process of joint consultations with other parish
           councils in the area.

           Thanks to L Martin for attending.

131/00 3   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 21 February 2000  were approved and
           signed as a true record. (RJF also signed minutes of 18 October
           1999 - see min 538/99).

       4   Matters Arising
132/00     Symbionics Ltd - erection of Class B1 buildings for research and
(110/00)   development together with associated parking - r/o Jeffreys Building
           St John's Innovation Park - permission granted.

133/00     JF Lindsay - house and garage adjacent 17 High Street - permission
(88/00)    granted.

       5   Decisions Received
134/00     CASPA alterations and change of use of agricultural buildings to
(65/00)    form skate park with café/recreation area and access, parking
           and bus turn around area at Long Acre Farm Chesterton Fen Road -
           Use of building restricted to skate-boards etc between 08.00 hours
           and 22.00 hours. Landscaping scheme to be approved. Engineering
           works scheme including two passing bays in Chesterton Fen Road to
           be approved. Foul water and surface water drainage schemes to be

135/00     Milton Community Centre - 6 metre high space net climber with
(68/00)    single mast - approved.

       6   New Applications
136/00     S/1559/99 Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd Unit 191 Science Park - 2
(541/99)   external air handling units, underground water tank, 2 flue stacks -
           amendment for information only.

137/00     S/0342/00 RA Ethridge 1 Hall End - extension - approve.

138/00     S/0358/00 Mr and Mrs A Hill 28 Bene't Close - extension - no

139/00     S/0355/00 Trinity College Unit 181 Science Park - extension refuse.
           Concerned that this was another example of the original concept of
           the Science Park being eroded by the encroachment of tarmac in green
           Committee did not wish to see an increase in density of the
           existing areas.

140/00     S/0482/00 Bridehall developments Ltd - land at St John's Innovation
           Park - car parking and landscaping - approve.

141/00     C/11/17/72/3 Pi Group Milton Hall - tree surgery for new road
           access. Delegated to tree warden, PKO.

       7   Public Entertainments Licences
142/00     White Horse - no objections so long as previous conditions apply.
           Cambridge Regional College - no objections.

143/00 8   Footpath - Coles Road Recreation Ground
(87/00)    RLEW, the clerk, D Rutland of SCDC, E Thornton Cambs County Council,
           M Parrott and J Young (Parrott site manager) had attended a site
           meeting. As a result S Ward was arranging with M Parrott to
           complete the path to the bowls pavilion with a link into
           Recreation Close.

The meeting ended at 8.35pm.