Minutes of the Planning Meeting
held on Monday 22 November 1999 at 7.00pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RJ Farrington (chair)   JE Coston   R Day   JM Palmer   HM Smith
           RT Summerfield   LC Twinn   RLE Waters   PK Oldham
           The clerk SJ Daniels

       1   Apologies for absence  - none.

538/99 2   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of  18 October 1999 were approved as a
           true record. RJF to sign them.

539/99     Donarbon  Ltd  Ely Road Waterbeach - Centre for recycling
(508/99)   encompassing recycling of wastes and aggregates, treatment of
           household waste, composting of waste, extraction of clay, sand &
           gravel, landfill of remaining waste, restoration of land to
           agriculture with nature conservation, tree and hedge planting.
           Noted that the County Council expected to determine application
           in February 2000.

       3   Decisions Received
540/99     Trinity CSP - Day Nursery at Science Park - approved.
541/99     Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd - external air handling units
(462/99)   compound with two  units, underground water tank and two flue
           stacks - approved.
542/99     Mrs J Matthews 40 Butt Lane - pitched roof to bungalow and garage
(464/99)   - approved.
543/99     M Molloy 83 Coles Road - extension - approved. Permanent space
(465/99)   for parking of three cars on site to be maintained.

       4   New Applications
544/99     S/2140/98 Trinity College - Science Park - Social, recreational 
(121/99)   and conference centre and change of existing conference centre to
           fitness club - adjustments to elevations to allow screened roof
           plant. No recommendation.

545/99     S/1022/99 Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings - amended illustrative
(507/99)   scheme - information only.

546/99     S/1755/99 CASPA Long Acre Farm Chesterton Fen - alterations and
           change of use of agricultural building to form skate park together
           with cafe/recreation area.
           Refuse - the width of the road was unsuitable for buses.  Lack of
           space for both cycles and cars. Inadequate parking facilities.
           Hours of opening not specified. Contrary to various Policies of
           the Cambridge Green Belt Plan (1992), South Cambs Local Plan (1993)
           and the Structure Plan. Would be inappropriate in a Green Belt as
           explained in the guidance contained in PPG2 "Green Belts".
           These premises clearly had potential for other uses e.g. all night
           raves, musical events which committee would be concerned about. 
           Therefore, if despite these objections, this application were to
           be approved then the use should be restricted to a skate park only.

547/99     S/1773/99/RM  Mr JF Lindsay house and garage adjacent 17 High
           Street. No recommendation.

548/99     S/1775/99 Mr A Kingan 2 Peter Goodin Close - 2nd storey over
           existing garage, rear extension to kitchen, new gymnasium,
           conservatory. Concerns - over development of the site and close
           proximity to neighbouring properties.
           Delegated to RJF, RLEW and RTS.

549/99     S/1820/99 EG & G Wallac LSR Unit 204 Science Park - car park
           extension. Refuse - too close to sycamore trees and would damage
           root system. Staff should be encouraged to use "Travel to Work"
           scheme by using park & ride into Science Park.

550/99     C/11/17/72/2 Mr & Mrs Welch Milton House Fen Road - tree surgery
           on horse chestnut (TPO 11/63). Accept Trees Officer's

The meeting ended at 8.05pm.