Minutes of the Planning Meeting
held on Monday 26th July 1999 at 7:30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RJ Farrington (chair)   JM Palmer   RT Summerfield
           LC Twinn   PK Oldham
           the clerk SJ Daniels and one member of the public (part)

       1   Apologies for absence  JE Coston    R Day    RLE Waters

339/99 2   Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of  23 June 1999 were approved and
           signed as a true record.

       3   Decisions Received

340/99     Trinity Hall Kings Hedges Road - variation of condition 8 of
(40/99)    permission S/1359/98/O to allow 20% of the plot to be developed
           for building footprint as opposed to building floorspace - approved.

341/99     S/0085/99 College of West Anglia - agricultural and agricultural
(232/99)   machinery buildings for educational use together with parking and
           tractor driving practice area at Ely Road - approved.
           Subject to landscaping scheme, pollution control scheme including
           foul and surface water drainage and details of external materials
           for the buildings (proposed external materials excluded from this
           consent); revised junction improvements with Ely Road to be
           completed prior to any building works.
           Noted (memo from County  Council) that MPC should make
           representation direct to County Council Traffic Section for any
           traffic calming. The College could not reasonably be expected
           to fund traffic calming given the scale of the development.

342/99     S/0086/99 College of West Anglia - erection of stockman's
(232/99)   bungalow at Ely Road - approved.
           Subject to landscaping scheme; details of external materials
           to be approved; bungalow to be occupied by full-time employee
           of The College only; provision to be made on site for parking
           of two cars.

343/99     AD Brooks Unit 111 Norman Industrial Estate - change of use to
(262/99)   brewery - approved. Area marked "shaded area for parking/loading"
           to be laid out with and surfaced with durable material prior to
           use; premises not to be used for motor vehicles maintenance
           and/or repairs.

344/99     J Douglas 22 The Rowans - extensions - approved. Colour of stain
(264/99)   for boarding to be approved;  cedar red excluded from this

345/99     Mr Milne 23 Fen Road - conservatory - approved. Noted that
(265/99)   according to SCDC Planning Department this was not in
           Conservation Area.
           The clerk: to query this.

346/99     BJ Leonard 35 Fen Road - extension - noted that the officers
(282/99)   were recommending approval.

347/99     G McQueenie 1 Froment Way - extension - refused.
(283/99)   Would increase bulk, mass and overall height in close proximity
           to 2, 4 & 6 Ballard Way to the east. The built form would appear
           oppressive and dominate outlook from houses and gardens of 2 and
           4 Ballard Way. Rear first floor window would overlook gardens of
           4 and 6 Ballard Way resulting in loss of privacy.

       4   New Applications

348/99     S/0532/99 Trinity College 2 storey office building units 334 & 335
(317/99)   Science Park amended car parking - for information.

349/99     S/1022/99/0 Napp Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd Science Park -
           outline application for 32680m2 B1 floorspace together with car
           parking and access from Milton Road.
           Disappointed that the representatives of Napp did not attend
           planning meeting to explain the application as agreed.
           Concerned about the implications for increased traffic in Milton
           Road and believe that improvements to the access should be made
           before any building commences.
           Shall support the South Cambs District Council's Planning Officers'

350/99     S/1042/99 Mr & Mrs Butterfill 21 Butt Lane - single storey
           side extension - approve.

351/99     S/1044/99 Mr Tyrell 23 David Bull Way - extension - approve.

352/99     S/1048/99 Mr & Mrs Pearson 50 Butt Lane - conversion of garage
           in to study - no recommendation.

353/99     S/1054/99 Mr & Mrs M Saunders 6 Knights Way - extension - no

354/99     S/1098/99 Mr P Carr Unit 123 Science Park - change of use to
           health centre/dental practice - no recommendation.

355/99     S/1115/99 Mr & Mrs Wakley-Trick 22 Shirley Close - extension
           - no recommendation.

356/99     S/1135/99/RM Thomas-Smith Dev Ltd - land off Faulkner Close
           - erection of two 4 bedroom detached bungalows - refuse:
           Over development of the site; buildings are too large for this
           site. The bungalow at the southern end is too close to the
           properties in The Sycamores.
           It is inappropriate for patio doors/windows to overlook and be
           overlooked by 13 Faulkner Close.
           If the planning authority is mindful to approve this application
           then a condition should be imposed that the 4'6" fence running
           alongside 13 Faulkner Close be increased to 6' at the developer's
           A landscaping scheme should be submitted to and approved by the
           SCDC Trees Officer. We would recommend no large trees in the
           close proximity of 13 Faulkner Close.
           The location of the footprint of the properties as shown on the
           outline application would be more appropriate.

357/99 5   Report of meeting with Pi Research - access off Ely Road
           Pi Research were concerned that opening up the Ely Road frontage
           would increase the security risk.  The timescale for outstanding
           work was under review.
           A revised application with more secure entrance would probably
           be submitted in September/October.

358/99 6   Major shopping development in central Cambridge
           AGREED the following comments to Cambridge City Council:
           MPC supports the principle of a major shopping centre on the
           city centre site as proposed rather than development in the
           Northern fringe.
           It was questioned whether a car park that would continue to
           attract cars into the centre should be rebuilt.

359/99 7   Footpath from Barnabas Court to car park at Community Centre
           AGREED to ask Simon Ward SCDC to submit application for footpath
           - cost for building the part from Barnabas Court to bowls pavilion
           to be met by Parrott (builders).

The meeting ended at 8.45pm.