Minutes of the Planning Meeting
       held on Monday 22nd March 1999 at 7:30pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RJ Farrington (chair)   JE Coston   R Day   J Shaw
           HM Smith   RT Summerfield   LC Twinn
           and the clerk SJ Daniels

       1.  Apologies for absence  RLE Waters

112/99 2.  Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of  8 February 1999 were approved
           and signed as a true record.

       3.  Decisions Received:

113/99     Cambridge Regional College changing rooms and floodlit multi use
(597/98)   games area - approved.
           Scheme to prevent light spillage to be approved.

114/99     Mr & Mrs T Thomas R/O 8 - 10 Cambridge Road - bungalow -
(33/99)    approved.
           Permanent space to be reserved for turning and parking; details
           of materials to be used for external walls and roof and finished
           floor levels in relation to ground levels to be approved; a
           vehicular to pedestrian visibility splay to be constructed;
           no windows, doors or openings to be inserted in south east
           elevations unless authorised by planning permission granted on
           that behalf.

115/99     Huelens Properties - Land adjacent McDougall & Co - erection of
(51/99)    warehouse - refused.
           Loss of car parking space for adjoining warehouse.  Insufficient
           car parking to meet requirements of South Cambs Draft Deposit
           Local Plan 1999.

116/99     Mr Wu 4 Willow Crescent - 2 bow windows - approved.
(53/99)    Permission not needed for present level of office use.

117/99     White Horse - extension, porch, patio and extension to car park -
(65 & 66/99) approved.
           Materials of car park surface and lamp posts/bollards to be agreed.

118/99     D Manning 60 Fen Road- extension - approved.

119/99     Origin UK Ltd Science Park external air conditioning condensers -
(69/99)    approved.
           Amendment showing additional air conditioning unit received - for

120/99     Tesco Stores - Special Needs car parking signs - approved.

       4.  New Applications

121/99     S/2140/98 Trinity Centre Science Park - Social, Recreational &
(32/99)    Conference Centre and change of use of existing centre to
           fitness club - amendment had little effect on original comments
           [delegated powers].  Noted that a condition restricting use to
           Science park would be imposed.

122/99     S/0191/99 Mr and Mrs Barry 18 Church Lane - amendment  -
(94/99)    reduction in depth of extension - approved.

123/99     S/0306/99 Tesco Stores - three covered trolley bays - approved.

124/99     C/11/40/72 P Seekings 41 High Street - reduction in height
           of pear tree and felling of ash tree in rear garden - no major
           objection; would support Trees' Officers' views.

125/99     S/0415/99 Century Inns - White Horse - signs. Concerned that
           the five floodlights could overspill into road including Butt
           Lane and properties opposite.

126/99     S/0419/99 Punch Farm Landbeach (off Mere Way) - paddock, stables
           and access road.
           Clerk:  to ascertain views of Landbeach Parish Council.

127/99 5.  Cambridge Road Industrial Estate

           Noted that after intervention by SCDC Enforcement Officer the
           illegal signs had been removed.  Two names for the road were
           suggested - Park Way and Doggett.
           The clerk:  to produce report for  discussion at April meeting
                       about overall tidiness of area,  especially old A10.

128/99 6.  Correspondence
           Public Entertainments Licence: Milton Community Centre,  Milton
           Primary School, Cambridge Regional College,  Napp Sports & Social
           Club. No objections.

The meeting ended at 7.35pm.