Minutes of the Planning Meeting
       held on Monday 23 November 1998 at 7pm in the Community Centre

Present:   RJ Farrington (chair)   R Day   J Shaw   RT Summerfield
           LC Twinn and the clerk SJ Daniels.

       1.  Apologies for absence  JE Coston  HM Smith  RLE Waters

540/98 2.  Minutes
           Minutes of the meeting of 19 October 1998 were confirmed and
           signed as a true record.

       3.  Decisions Received

541/98     Trinity College - security fence at Science Park approved.
(441/98)   No development to commence until:-
           completion of link road (ref S/1402/98/F)  together with
           related cycle path; details of pedestrian/cycle gate in
           fence opposite Garry Drive are approved;  precise details
           of position of fence is agreed.

542/98     Haylock & Rolph Winship Road - installation of windows approved.
(485/98)   Details of rear boundary treatment to be approved (to protect
           privacy of future occupiers of residential area).

543/98     Napp Pharmaceuticals Unit 400 Phase 6 Science Park -
(487/98)   research/development building and car parking refused.
           Contrary to Policy CNF5 of The Adopted South Cambs Local
           Plan (1993) - all development to be of a high standard of
           design within a well landscaped parkland setting.
           Contrary to condition 7 of the outline consent (S/1086/94/0)
           which defines ratio of buildings to landscaping etc.

544/98     Mr and Mrs A Cassidy  49 Butt Lane conversion of garage into
(488/98)   room - approved.  Permanent space on site for parking to be

545/98     Eastern Electricity - temporary office accommodation -
(520/98)   no objections to amendments [permission granted November

546/98     St John's Innovation Park - erection of building [class
(521/98)   B1 (B)] for research and development - no objections to
           amendments [permission granted March 1998].

       4.  New Applications

547/98     S/1537/98 Day Nursery at Science Park - withdrawn.

548/98     S/1800/98 A Carter 31 Fen Road - rear extension to enlarge
           kitchen. No comments.

543/98     S/1801/98 Napp Pharmaceuticals - temporary containers for
           storage of pharmaceutical raw material.
           Concerned that the buildings had already been erected.
           Too many temporary buildings on this site and would recommend
           that the Planning Committee make a site visit.
           Contrary to Policy CNF5 of the Adopted South Cambridgeshire
           Local Plan (1993). (Same comments apply to 545, 546 and 547/98

544/98     S/1819/98 Bridehall Developments Ltd - St John's Innovation
           Park - construction of new building 3289 sq m for research
           and development/office use served by 110 parking spaces
           together with replacement for 38 vehicles.
           Concerned at 38 car parking spaces  being sited on a landscaped
           grassed area and erosion of the 12.5% ratio of buildings to
           open space.
           The building being too close to Cowley Road would jeopardise
           the proposed foot/cycle bridge over the A14. (Reference:
           WS Atkins Highways Agency Feasibility Study for the A14 Milton
           cycle crossing). A contribution towards the cycle bridge should
           be incorporated in a Section 106 Agreement.

545/98     S/1855/98 Napp Pharmaceuticals - temporary site cabins for
           consultants working on refurbishment to production areas.
           (See 543/98)

546/98     S/1856/98 Napp Pharmaceuticals - temporary site cabins for
           offices data entry clerks for new computer system. (See 543/98)

547/98     S/1894/98 Napp Pharmaceuticals chiller compound and units -
           unit 191 Science Park. (See 543/98)
           Chiller compound would take up more open space.

548/98     C/11/17/72/10 D Goodin 1 High Street - tree surgery (TPO).
           Concerned that the shape of the trees would be spoilt. Would
           support Trees Officer's advice.

549/98 5.  To consider name for Caravan Park r/o 49 Cambridge Road
(489/98)   "Gaskin's Caravan Park 49a Cambridge Road" was suggested.
           Comments to be forwarded to SCDC.

The meeting ended at 7.40pm.