Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting of Milton Parish Council
       held on Monday 19 October 1998 at 7pm in the Bowls Pavilion

Present:   RJ Farrington (chair)   JE Coston   R Day   J Shaw   HM Smith
           RT Summerfield   LC Twinn   RLE Waters
           plus PK Oldham   J Sandford
           and the clerk SJ Daniels.

       1.  Apologies - none

480/98 2.  Minutes
           The minutes of the meeting of 21 September having been
           circulated were approved and signed as a true record.

       3.  Decisions received

481/98     East Waste Ltd - variation of condition 15 of Planning
(292/98)   Permission S/0289/91 to allow an extension to the permitted
           hours of working - approved (see attached schedule).

482/98     P Runham 49 Fen Road - amendments to car port - approved.

483/98     J Jefford - erection of light industrial unit at Rose cottage
(412/98)   Chesterton Fen Road - approved.
           Conditions:  Details of external materials,  foul and surface
           water drainage, power driven plant and equipment to be approved.

484/98     White Horse Public House - extension to form beer store and
(417/98)   lobby - approved. The roof to be covered in natural quarried
           slate to the satisfaction of the Conservation Officer SCDC.

485/98     Dr & Mrs Hannant 57 Butt Lane two bungalows on land at rear of
(409/98)   57 Butt Lane.  RTS reported that this application had been

       3.  New Applications

485/98     S/1587/98 Haylock & Rolph Ltd Winship Road - additional windows
           to office.  No comments.

486/98     S/1611/98 Mr & Mrs C Sandford 21 Old School Lane first floor
           extension and front entrance porch (re-submission of application
           S/1021/98).  J Sandford declared an interest.
           RLEW proposed No objections. All agreed

487/98     S/1616/98 Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd 400 Science Park -  building
           for research/development with supporting offices.  Renewal of
           S/1086/94 (see min 381/95) phase 6.
           Committee referred to application S/1402/98 (min 414/98 ) -
           concerns about the narrow access road. Concerns about
           construction traffic using the access road adjacent to CRC.
           Details of density of phase 6 requested.

488/98     S/1623/98 Mr & Mrs A Cassidy 49 Butt Lane conversion of one
           half double garage to extra reception room. No objections.

489/98 4.  Caravan Site Cambridge Road
           Noted that SCDC proposed to number the caravan site behind
           49 Cambridge Road 1 to 5 "name" of site.  Suggestions for a
           name to be made at November meeting to be put to Mr Gaskin
           the owner of the site.

The meeting ended at 7.30pm